Very slow air leak


Hey guys,

I have a (very slow) air leak in my front drivers side tires. While the rest of the tires lose a couple of PSIs after 3-4 weeks, this tire loses more (5-6 psi). Should I just keep filling up air every week or add sealant or go to a tire shop to get it fixed. Stock tires, almost 10k miles. Tread is pretty good as well.


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May have a small metal object (wire, etc.) stuck in the tread somewhere. You should remove the wheel and closely inspect the tread for the object causing the small leak. Could be a leaky valve in the air stem. More likely it's something stuck in the tread.


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Go to discounttire and they’ll fix it for you for free. It’s probably a nail though

definitely get it fixed when your tires are low on air, you don’t see it but it’s getting damaged on the inside.


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I had this problem with 2 tires when I bought my CPO 2018 Hatch with 21K miles. I checked the tires and could see nothing. I bought a tire valve tool and tightened all the valves slightly and it stopped the leakage.


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...soap bubble tests only cost your time and a few drops of soap. You can easily and immediately see if it's your valve stem leaking… a little time to do the whole tire if it's mounted, as you've got to move the car up/back a little if you don't want to dismount it. Good luck!