1. Anyone selling these Taillights?

    I’m looking for these taillights, let me know if you have or have a way I can buy these! *sedan
  2. Looking for opinions on the sedan's taillights. Specifically, deleting the upper, useless half.

    I had posted this in General but didn't realize this forum existed, so probably posted it in the wrong spot. Anyways. I'm curious to see what you guys think of this. To me, the parenthesis/"C" lights definitely make them stand out on the road, but I think they look a little strange. All of the...
  3. Leaky Taillight Housing

    Anybody else notice that when it rains, water gets into the taillight housing? I was switching out my turn signal bulbs for LEDs found on Amazon and when I opened up the taillight housing, there were drops of water inside the housing. Should I be concerned?