sound deadening

  1. My soundproofing and deadening project...

    So, the 10th gen Civic's, in my honest opinion, are really great vehicles! However, I think that Honda could have done a better job blocking road noise- thus here I am, and you are too! I'm making this photo thread to answer any questions or inquiries about sound deadening or proofing your...
  2. Trunk Liner

    In preparation for my audio upgrade, I'll be beginning by installing Noico sound deadening in the trunk. I'm pretty sure I can understand how to remove the panels by removing the pins, but how do I remove the plastic latch cover that I've circled in the pic? Do I just pull it harder?
  3. Sound deadening doors

    In my 17 Civic I'm wondering about sound deadening the doors when I do my speaker installs. What I'm mainly concerned about is the factory vapor pad thing in the door. Should I replace that after I do the deadening material behind it or replace it with something else?
  4. Request - Floor sound deadening

    Are there any quides/photos/videos on removing the seats and carpeting to install sound deadening on the floor? Thanks
  5. Engine noise in civic touring 16

    I have to say, the sound insulation of my car while cruising is excellent. But I'm not satisfied with the engine noise in the cabin on acceleration. It is so drony. Can anyone suggest how to get rid of this. If sound deadening material is the only option...Please suggest a repair shop. Or is...