Tires size recommendations for my setup


I’m looking for tires for my AVID.1 AV-28 18x8.5 5x114.3 [+35mm] paired with K-Tuned K1 Street Coilovers.
I got a Sport Touring Hatch.
Any recommendations would help. Thanks



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I am very happy with Rays Gram lights 57CR 18x8.5 +37 and Michelin S4S stock size using SI springs. Perfect, no poke, no rub, nice enough handling and almost same riding comfort but in a better way.

Don't like going bigger and ended up with side wall flex and kill the handling in transition or smaller with a stretch look.

However, on my C6, same 18x8.5 wheel width, I used 245/40 tires but it is run flat designed with extremely stiff side wall for use on Corvette.

Bottom line, your car, your call.

Have fun and good luck.


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I wanted a meatier tire than stock so I went with 255/35r18 firestone Indy 500 on Avid1 AV27 18x8.5 +35. No rubbing, no issues and I’m lowered on Eibach Sportline lowering springs. Actually pretty roomy corner to corner turning. A 245/40 would fit the set up tho.. I went with 255 for the extra mm of meat on the tire and lowered to a 35 for room and I’m glad I did. I love the low profile tire look more than an all side wall tire.

Photos are from the day I got the tires mounted, balanced, and installed.





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If you want to maintain the same ratio as the factory tires, and minimize offsetting the speedometer...go with either:
  • 245/40/18
  • 255/35/18
Of course, you *could* go wider...or tweak the ratio to your liking...your call...
There is quite a bit of space in the wheel well before you start hitting the suspension, or anything there.

Given I am on stock suspension set-up, 18x9 +40 with a set of 245/40/18 tires, and no issues.