Tire Noise when Coasting?

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    Jul 23, 2018
    2018 Civic Sport (CVT)
    I am hearing a weird kind of droning noise when I coast between 25mph and 45mph. My current thought process is it's probably something tire related but my paranoia has brought me here to consult the experts, especially since I just tuned the car around a week ago an heard no noise before that. The noise itself sounds kind of like when you coast at higher rpms and engine braking, but the noise does not seem to change at all with rpms.

    Details about the noise that makes me believe it is tire related:
    1. Higher pitcher at higher speeds, lower pitched at lower speeds (only noticeable when coasting with no throttle)
    2. I can only hear the noise with the windows closed, there is no evident noise from outside the car
    3. The smoother the road the louder the noise seems to be
    4. I was a bad boy and didn't rotate my tires until around 10k miles because I forgot (I am now at 15k and planning to do it again soon)

    Is there any reason for me to be concerned about this being more than a tire issue?
    What would my best steps be to diagnose this and/or fix this?
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    Jun 10, 2019
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    It could be that the tires are slightly "cupped" due to not rotating them sooner.
    Since the back tires are being "pulled" along by the front ones, if they aren't perfectly in line with the fronts, it tends to drag them at a slightly odd angle, thus "cupping" the tread of your tire.
    Also, since you can hear the sound, I'm betting that it's coming from the front tires (ya know, the ones that used to be on the rear of the car, that might be "cupped").
    Most of the time, if there is any issue with the rear tires, you'll tend to feel it in the seat of your pants.

    Does your steering wheel have a tiny vibration or shake to it? (another possible indicator or the tires being cupped.)

    Odds are, your local tire shop can help remedy the situation.

    Good luck.
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