Test drove 18' Accord 1.5 Touring & 18' CRV EX-L

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    Apr 19, 2018
    17' Civic EX-T
    I test drove a new Accord Touring 1.5 liter this evening, and a new CRV EX-L. They didn't have a 2.0 Accord Touring in stock. The Accord was obviously more upscale than my EX-T Civic, however I saw pros/cons to both.

    I prefer my Civic in certain aspects: Heated seats in my car are hot and get that way quickly. The Accord seats took longer to warm up and they didn't feel as warm. Not sure if it's because mine are cloth. The Civic is lighter and more responsive in regards to steering, acceleration, it's smaller and feels fun to drive. The lumbar support was disappointing in the Accord, compared to other cars I've driven with lumbar support like my parents 2003 Mercury. The seats were still comfortable and slightly better than the Civic. I put the Accord in sport mode and it didn't feel as quick as "S" mode on the Civic. The 2.0 would probably eliminate that disadvantage. Personal preference, but I like the look and placement of the touchscreen in the Civic better. Overall, if on a budget the Civic is fun and has value with a lot to offer.

    The advantages to the Accord I noticed: Interior was more upscale by a long shot. Resolution was better on the touchscreen, the backup camera was crystal clear, it was more responsive. Liked the huge armrest and center console. Really liked the heads up display. It recognized every speed limit sign I drove by. Headlights and fog lights were superior. Trunk looked deep. Passengers in the backseat had more legroom and slightly more headroom. The Accord was quiet, very little road noise, even with the wheels being 19". Accord has knee airbags, Civic does not. If I had the money I would choose the Accord. The Civic is great for short trips, but I feel like the Accord would be better and more comfortable on long road trips.

    CRV EX-L: Being up higher was nice, my wife liked that since she's shorter. The seats were more comfortable than the Civic. Much easier to get in and out of. Heavier, so it wasn't as quick when pressing on the gas pedal, it was tolerable though. Infotainment better than the Civic, more responsive. I like the feel of driving a car, more dynamic experience. Maybe when I'm 60 I'd buy one, but at 33 I'll stick with cars.
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