SOLD! Type R Eibach Sportline Springs for Sale $175+ Shipping


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Selling the EIbach Sportline springs from my car:

New they were $315. Everything was professionally installed by a highly reputable tuning shop that is known for its suspension work (R/T Tuning in Pennsylvania).

They lower the car 1" in front and 0.9" in rear. These are the "Sportline" kit not the Pro Kit (the Pro Kit doesn't lower the car enough to be worth it in my opinion).

Ride quality is great and the car has significantly less body roll and can take corners faster. It is a little stiffer but not unbearable. It is perfect for a daily driver that can be used as a weekend track toy.

Here is how I think of the different drive modes with the Sportline Springs:
New Comfort Mode = Old Sport Mode
New Sport Mode = Old R Mode
New +R Mode = +R Mode but a bit stiffer
Reason for sale: selling car.
I am also selling a set of SPC rear control arms (camber arms) for $225 (they were about $350 new).

Thanks for looking!