New owner, need a sanity check on engine sound at idle


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I've been a light poster/lurker for a while now, just recently picked a 2020 FC3, coming from a 2008 FG2. Ive found threads about the normal ticking sound at idle which is normal for DI engines, but I've noticed a secondary sound which sounds like a pulley bearing sound and was wondering if others have this and is normal. It goes away when the engine is revved up, and doesn't seem to be present all the time. The video was taken after a 30min or so drive. You'll notice after i move the camera towards the glove box and give the engine a small rev 1.5k or so, the sound cuts out briefly and comes back on after a second at the 8 second mark.


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Might just be the audio not fully capturing it as in person, but I didn’t hear any strange secondary noise (to me at least). Sounds like the normal Honda ticking engine noise
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Sounds fine to me, too. If you are still concerned, take a video from under the hood.

One thing I notice is that when I shut the car off, then turn it on again after a few minutes, there are some odd noises for a few seconds.


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Ticking is completely common with DI engines very more prominent in this car there’s a lot of foam for noise dampening under hood you can see to reduce that noice