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Hey guys.

So the short version of the story is that my Kinergy GT tires are showing signs of noise when turning more so when I complete a turn and accelerate afterwards, but also, very little traction in rain, and that's a problem because Florida is incredibly bi-polar with its weather system.

I've done a bit of reading on the tire forums in general. A lot of my friends IRL recommend solely summer tires as a general form factor to build onto, but I've never gotten close to the right product. As it seems, reviews are very hard to follow through with when nowadays people review a product and sometimes haven't even bought it or just simply don't take care of the product in general. I joined this community to get into cars and to talk to the right people.

So I have a 2019 civic hatchback LX, absolutely beautiful car and she drives great with the current stock Kinergy GT tires. The tires are quiet, not even on the highway do I hear any noise which is impressive. They grip semi well, I blew through a park a few times and never lost traction but I could tell my tires didn't like gripping onto the pavement. Just basing it off the sound of the tires and the rough steering feedback too.

I got her at 0 flat miles so I'm only 3.6k or so into her. The tires should be fine for another 3-6 months if I just drive like a standard city person. But tires have been a concern since day 1. Something tells me the dealership sold me on tires that were probably dry rotting on the lot. But that's okay, shes a good piece of machinery managed by a bunch of retards and I'm glad I was able to pull her out.

Guys, I believe my tires are roughly 16"s, I can verify if required the whole string of text on the tires but I need a good recommendation on Summer Tires built to drive well on rain/hot pavements, has a lasting impression on mileage, and better consumer reviews rather than rate to hate garbage. My budget on tires would be as low as $100 but as a high as $150 each. If there more critical tire is over my max, then itll become a long term goal and will probably be pushed off after brakes.

I want to maintain grip confidence of my girl. Keep her quiet. And offer equal performance as the Kinergy GT. Gas Mileage is already ridiculously good, I can sacrifice a bit of MPG for some tires.

Picture I uploaded was before I got tints on her, and probably one of the first few washes I did on her too when i used to work 4-6 hour morning shifts and have the day to maintenance my car, now it's once a week and probably at night time, that I wash her.



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Nothing wrong with All Season tires on a stock set-up. Every tire will squeek. If you have under 4K miles on them, wait until you need new and maybe your budget will be greater than doing it now.


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Summer tires are meant for anything higher that 40° (it’s okay for every once in a while to get at or near or a little below 40°, but just let them warm up before anything.) I live in Los Angeles, so I run summer tires year round. I ran the stock Continental Pro contact (235/40r18) for about maybe 4 months before switching to summer tires (Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 255/35r18). Let me give you a little pros and cons.

Continental ProContact (stock A/S) on stock rims & stock suspension
- quiet
- comfort
- (didn’t use them up had a little over 4,000miles before replacing)... but would have had more tread life
- all seasons, so good for all temperatures
- handles speed bumps, dips, potholes with ease
- not as aggressive of a tread pattern so traction isn’t as strong
- cornering

Indy 500 (summer tires) on Avid1 AV27 18x8.5 wheels and Eibach Sportline lowering springs:
- TRACTION it’s night and day (A/S vs summer tires)
- cornering confidence
- amazing wet road traction, even at fast speeds (never lost confidence or experienced hydroplaning)
- aggressive tread pattern
- better aesthetically (looks aggressive)
- road noise is more apparent for sure
- because these tires stay planted to the the road you will feel EVERYTHING (every dip, bump, speed bump, pot hole you will feel - also because of the lowering springs, but will experience this with stock suspension just not as bad as my set up)
- also related to ^^ they stay planted and they’re stickier grip tire than A/S they pick up rocks, pebbles, and road debris similar to rocks and pebbles and likes to fling them around. You will hear them hitting the underside of the car (have not had underside damage because of flinging debris or rocks though) and it’s common that it can fling and damage car paint near the tires (that’s why people who run super aggressive sticky tires use mud flaps to prevent this) - I have never experienced paint damage though with my set up
- tread life is not as strong as A/S (currently have 8,000 miles on mine and still have good tread life left, but I follow tire rotations religiously)
- not meant for all weather, works well in 40°+

End of the day it’s what matters more to you. If you want a comfort experience get A/S. If your more performance oriented and want to stay well planted to the road even during spirited driving get summer tires. Reason I went with summer tires is because I’m okay losing comfort and low road noise in exchange for amazing grip wet or dry. I went with the Indy 500’s because they are a great budget friendly summer tire (currently on tire rack: Firestone Indy 500 - 255/35r18 is selling for $136.56/tire). Will be switching to Michelin Pilot Sport 4S next time though. This is the best bang for the buck summer tire out there, but $$$.
Included photos for proof of my tire set up lol, last photo is my current set up after my Brembo BBK conversion on my non-type R (excuse the dirty tires and matte looking tires, been a raining couple days haven’t had time to detail my car, still don’t have a clear week in the upcoming days to clean her either. Hurts my soul to see her dirty)






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