Honda 1.5t oil dilution lawsuit letter


I received a letter in the mail along with a claim form. The heading of the letter says "United States District Court for the District of Minnesota".

The letter also says it's a class action lawsuit for the following vehicles.

  • 2017-2018 Honda CR-V
  • 2016-2018 Honda Civic
These particular models only address the 1.5 litre turbocharged equipped models.

I myself do not live in a folder climate area of the states but our winter's can be cold. When I purchased the vehicle it was used and only had 14k and some change in the odometer. I did the best to my capabilities research any accident or repair history on the car and didn't find anything. I know that only applies if anything was reported, but the car seemed practically brand new.

I have since owning the car 8 months put 16k miles on the car. The very first time I took it in for an oil change around 19k the dealership told me I had an oil leak. I've made a separate post about that in the past. I check my oil level every 200-300 miles which I've noticed the smell of gas but not super strong. Also only noticed it rise once on the dipstick and immediately changed the oil.

I commute 100 miles round trip to work 5 days a week. That being said I figured that the car had plenty of time to warm up and burn off any excess gas getting to the oil. The only thing is I commute 80 of those miles on the interstate, and keep a close eye on the temp.

Here in Tennessee the weather has been up into the 70s lately and a couple days later back down into the 40s. While it's warm my, mpg estimate improves dramatically. Usually .5 - a complete mile per difference. I have visibly seen the temp of the car rise and lower depending on the weather after driving for 30 minutes on the interstate at 20 degrees out.

Now this all being said I do not think that this oil dilution thing really applies to me. On the other hand for those in the colder parts of the states this could definitely be an issue. Should I make any claim or just pass it off.

I absolutely expect this car to last as well as any of the past generations. All being with taking good care of the car and not dogging it out. I generally have absolute terrible luck with cars. My last car was a 2013 wrx with 133k when I got it. I changed the oil every 4.5k, done the timing service, as well as other fluid changes. I'm pretty sure it blew a headgasket at 189k and traded it in for this.

I'm not scared that anything drastic will happen soon, but my past track record with cars has me believing that I'll still be making payments on a paper weight eventually.

What should I do?


we bought our EX new and have had no issues so far with 54k miles...that being said...with no fuel smell in the oil (checking at regular intervals) is there a deadline mileage where this will occur? or is it a situation where it will be fine one day and then the next its pumping gas out of the dipstick?

full disclosure...this car was driven about 90% highway miles which is much better for the DI engines from what I've read. not sure if this changes things but that is why I am posting here as we too have received the class action lawsuit documents but as we live in Southeast Texas I see no major issue as far as temperature.


Rickmeister 48

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If you read that whole letter, it tells you you can only file a claim if you answer yes to ALL the questions it asks you on that form.
The only thing you have the option of doing, unless you can answer yes to all the questions is to exclude yourself from the lawsuit ,giving up your extended warranty they are offering.