Helpful tip for Canadians wanting to install a PRL CAI

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    Hey guys, as many Canadians know, the location of the washer resevoir on the Si is in a crappy spot if you want to install the PRL Cobra cold air intake or any Cold air intake that sits near the fog light. And most places you order one from offer a resevoir relocation kit but much modification is needed to get it to work. The hole for the washer is too small and there is not a spot for the level sensor. Best thing to do would be, if you have a dremel, stencil an outline of the size of the gasket and dremel the hole to the correct size. For the level sensor, find a spot where it will fit and again stencil the gasket. Then find a drill and drill into the middle of your stencil, then you can dremel it to fit. This way you can keep the functionality of your level sensor and not have to worry about any lights. I found through watching others install one the best place to run your wires is through the bumper support. With a proper protective casing around the wires it's the safest place to run wires without having to worry about them rubbing up against anything hot and melting them. Any local parts store will sell mechanics wire which will help feed the wires through to the other side. Alternatively if you arent too worried about the level sensor and you dont want to cut or modify the new resevoir you could order a washer pump that will fit.

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