Greenworks Electric Blower Review

  1. Donuyen18

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    May 22, 2016
    Garden grove
    Honda s2000
    Every since I got my hatchback, I've been obsessed with keeping it clean. Maybe it's because it's my first ever brand new car or maybe because it's black. Whatever the reason, I've been looking to change my old habits of sub par car washing. One of the big things you have to deal with when maintain a black car is swirl marks and water spots. Swirl marks will be lessened the less you physically touch your vehicle. That being said, using air to blow off the water will help you do this by reducing the amount of water to wipe down. Let's get to the review.

    I chose this model for several reasons. Mainly price, size, power and ease of use. I was not interested in lugging around a gas powered blower as a backpack so electrical was the Choice for me. At $35, I figure I wasn't losing much. This particular unit is light weight and compact. It only comes with the blower itself and the blower hose. I have never used a leaf blower before but I assume the sound is on par with any other electric blower. That being said, you definitely don't want to use this thing in the morning or late at night unless you have your neighbors. I recommend earphones while using the unit. Before I talk about the power of the blower, I feel it is important to note that your vehicle should be waxed before using a blower to dry your vehicle. Waxing will cause the water to bead and you will be using the blower to push these beads of water off of your vehicle. I have read where blowers are not very effective on none waxed vehicles. This unit was powerful enough to pushed the beads and dry the area. I recommend that you don't stay at any area too long or you may dry some water drops that were left behind cause water spots. I recommend that you still wipe the vehicle down with a microfiber dry cloth after using the blower. There will still be some drops left over. Anyone with a hatch knows that the faux grill areas on the front and back are a huge pain because water gets trapped in the honeycomb. With the blower, it remove all the water from these areas in seconds. It's also great for removing the water in the sidemirror and the wheels. I highly suggest investing in a blower if your car frequently.

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