Defective Steering

  1. jerost

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    Jan 2, 2017
    Milton MA
    2017 Honda Civic LX Sedan Lunar Silver
    While all you lucky Honda owners are enjoying your Civics, I've been suffering for 7 months. Here's a write-up I did today prior to a visit to a dealer who didn't have time to work on it today even though I explained the problem when I called and they said they could. I want to love my car but if Honda doesn't make this right, and soon, I will do all in my power to convince people not to buy Hondas. And I will sell my car and absorb the financial loss.

    2017 Honda LX 4-door Sedan
    Purchased December 2016


    Steering feels too loose, not secure ? from first day of ownership

    About one week after picking up my new car, I brought it back to [dealer] to:

    pick up the new registration

    have a missing piece of plastic replaced on windshield wiper

    have steering checked - Service Advisor told me the Service Manager drove it (not with me in the car) and said it felt correct

    For 7 months, I have lived with this and tried to to get used it but I have never felt comfortable or secure with the steering. Here is how I would describe it:

    Too loose, too much play in the steering wheel

    Feels like there is too much power assist

    Does not want to come back to center and stay at center

    Note: I have owned 4 Honda's and 4 Toyota?s, so I know what these cars feel like. This is the only one I have been dissatisfied with the steering like this.

    August 1, 2017 - Outside a CVS, I met another owner of a 2017 Civic LX 4-door sedan like mine and asked him about the steering. I drovbe his car and he drove mine. AMAZING DIFFERENCE. I immediately noticed his car's stering felt heavier - in a good way - and his car reurned to center and went where I pointed it. - none of the loosey-goosey feeling of my car. He agreed that my car's steering felt too loose.

    August 2, 2017 - I work in xxxxxx now and stopped at [different dealer] to talk about the steering. The Service Manager sent me out with a Master Technician. We went out to test-drive a brand new Civic LX 4-door from their lot and my car. Like the car I drove at the CVS, the steering of the LX from their lot felt heavier-weighted and more precise and not loosey-goosey. The Master Technician said about my car:

    feels like the alignment is off

    the steering wheel needs to be centered

    may need caster adjustment

    August 3, 2017 - I called Honda in California to see if any work on this issue should be covered because I brought it back to [dealer] a week after I got the car. They said I need to go back to any Honda dealer who should do a diagnostic to see if it?s warrantable.
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    Jul 14, 2016
    Xiamen, China
    Civic 1.5t 6MT Cosmic Blue
    i think it could be an allignment problem, since it doesn't come back straight
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  3. d1zguy

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    Apr 6, 2017
    19' Mustang GT Premium
    Not surprised your alignment will be off. Does it also just plow/understeer when taking quick left or right handers?

    So far these are the things that haven't been done properly from factory in my car.

    1. Brake bleed - The rear circuit had tons of air resulting in soft pedal feel. It takes bleeding and activation of the rear parking break several times to fully get the air out.
    2. Alignment wasn't 100% correct
    3. Came with plastic toys r us steering wheel. Type R wheel was fitted.
    4. Too much turbo lag fixed with ktuner and vit.
    5. A/C i'm sure is not full enough

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