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    We want to promote a clean, healthy, respectful atmosphere where people are not afraid to ask questions, participate in this community and generally have a good time discussing the things we love most - Civics.

    Any posts or threads that break these rules may be deleted or edited at any time at the discretion of the staff. The volume of posts at (hereinafter referred to as "CivicX") does not allow for review of all posts so we ask members to use the Report Post function for posts or private messages that violate the forum rules.



    Applicable to all areas of the forum including private messages.

    No flaming of other members to incite or perpetuate a conflict or argument.

    Personal attacks or name-calling will get you banned.

    No bombing forums or threads with pointless posts.

    No linking or posting of pornographic or objectionable material.

    No "threadcrapping" classifieds threads. Do not ruin another member’s sale thread (or any other) for any reason. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all! This applies to members’ and vendors’ threads alike.

    Do not impersonate other individuals or falsely represent yourself.

    Do not discuss, suggest, engage, or encourage any illegal activity on the forums (including street racing). Linking to locations that deal with any such activity are also forbidden.

    Certain topics are prohibited are on the forums. These include politics, religion, pornography, or other sexually explicit material.

    Avatars and signatures should be SFW (safe-for-work). No controversial, offensive or sexually suggestive material.

    One account per person is allowed. The creation of more than one account will result in deletion of all accounts.

    You must have a valid e-mail account in your profile so you can be reached by a forum moderator or administrator.

    Post in a manner that promotes good will in the community. A few examples of what not to do: do not post racially derogatory comments or make threats of personal violence in the forums. It is up to the discretion of CivicX moderators and administrators as to what constitutes inappropriate posting behavior. Please use common sense and be civil.

    Try to post to the forum that is most appropriate for the topic being presented.

    No cross-posting in multiple forum sections.

    Refrain from using excessive profanity (especially directed at other members) or cr3ative spell1ng to get around the censor filters.

    Respect both forum moderators and administrators.

    Moderators and administrators review many forum messages for those that are in violation of CivicX rules. Any messages found to be in violation may be deleted without warning or explanation. CivicX also reserves the right to ban any user, at any time, and for any reason.

    Moderators are not representatives of CivicX. They are simply members with extra privileges. The opinions expressed by moderators are not necessarily those of CivicX.

    There are going to be topics and discussions that will have heated debates. Please think before you post and re-read what you type before you post it. Keep your comments limited to the subject matter of the debate and do not make this a personal issue between you and another member.



    No spamming or commercial solicitation of any kind by members. Any such messages can be removed at the discretion of either a forum moderator or administrator.

    Selling of individual items is permissible by a private owner in our Classifieds forums, however selling multiple items of the same product is considered a commercial post and may be removed at the discretion of moderators and/or staff.



    If you are perceived by the administrators or moderators of this site to have broken any of this agreement they have the option of banning you from the site.

    Being a member of CivicX is not a constitutionally protected right and there should be no expectation of free speech on the forums. CivicX is a private enterprise and its owners, staff and moderators have the right to establish rules of conduct for its members.

    Members of CivicX agree to all of the Forum rules when participating in the Forum. Members who have had their posts or threads deleted as a result of violation of Forum rules should not repost or reopen the removed topic after it has been removed or closed by a moderator or administrator. A pattern of violation of Forum rules and guidelines will result in a loss of posting privileges.

    Banned Members: If you have been banned by CivicX and attempt to register again using some means to get around the ban, such as using another email address, you agree to a 5000 dollar reinstatement fee. By clicking on agree on the registration page you agree to this fee. You also agree that any disputes will be resolved in California courts.

    This user agreement can change at any time without notice. It is the responsibility of the user to check back on this page often to read the latest user agreement.


    • First rules violation will result in an official warning via private message.
    • Second rules violation will result in a one-month account suspension/ban.
    • Third rules violation will result in a permanent account suspension/ban.


    The terms of service and privacy policy for usage of CivicX are contained in the Terms, Rules and Privacy Policy.

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