Bumpy ride at highway speed

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    Sep 10, 2018
    2017 Honda Civic EX-T
    In July one of my rear tires got a nail on it just as I got on the highway and luckily for me it slowly deflated the tire so I could safely pull over and call Hondacare! I got the tire replaced and they balanced the wheels and did an alignment and checked the car over. Ever since then at speeds over 60 mph the car feels very bumpy. So much that I now avoid highways due to this. Any ideas on what could be causing this? PSI is fine and the dealer is telling me everything looks good.

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    Aug 27, 2018
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    I would take it to somewhere that specializes in Tires.
    Get the wheels checked for Balance, and if they are OK, get an alignment check.

    These places are doing this all day long, and know what they are doing.

    I can imagine at the dealer, when it goes into their Service are, it is looked at as a "simple tire check" and the new, inexperienced guy gets to do the menial task of wheel balancing.

    That is another issue I have with Dealer's Service departments. You never really know who is going to be working on your car etc etc.
    The Showrooms are all very impressive, but have you ever been allowed to go look at where they actually work on your car, and seen them at work there ?

    That is why I so much prefer a GOOD local Garage, where the owner is actually the one who works on your car, or at least, supervises who does.

    You know exactly who is working on your car ... a mature, experienced Mechanic, who is more than willing to show you, and explain in details to you, exactly what needs to be done, and will even allow you to oversee their work.
    You know them, they know you, they know your car, and you develop a Professional Relationship with the person who always working on your car.

    I really hate the way it is at the Dealer .. you typically only get to interface with their "Customer Service Advisor Professional Person Care Team Member" (or whatever fancy title they are called), who cannot really talk any technicalities about your car, but only seems to be there to up-sell you on service work.

    Then your car is whisked away, by someone else, where it disappear "out the back" somewhere , only to appear some considerable time later (Hopefully the same day), and the "Customer Service Advisor Professional Person Care Team Member" then proceeds to inform you what it will now cost you to be able to take your car away.

    If you ask to speak to the mechanic who worked on your car, it always seems to be someone different each time you take your car in, and you are talked down to, as if you do not know the difference between a Nut & a Bolt, and told things like "Your Flux Capacitor was FRIED, so we had to order a new one from the factory".

    Yes, I have a very jaded view of Dealers and their service departments, formed over many years of dealing with many different Dealers for many different car manufacturers.

    If you are having a good experience with YOUR particular Dealer, then LUCKY YOU.
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