2019 Civic Si Coupe: Interior Illumination - Questions & Opinions

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    Feb 2, 2019
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    Apologies for starting another interior illumination thread but after searching through so many other threads I've found it difficult to differentiate from what works with the Si Coupe vs Sedan so I figured I'd start another in hopes we'd get some Si Coupe specific info for anyone else in the same boat.
    I have been looking at the following:
    • Console Illumination (Blue) 08E16-TBA-110
    • Interior Illumination (Blue) 08E10-TBA-100
    • Armrest Illumination (Blue) 08E16-TBA-100A

    So on to the questions and opinions:
    1. Does anyone know if the 08E16-TBA-100A armrest will work for the Si Coupe and if the dealer will install it? I have seen mixed answers so I want to be sure.

    2. I know this one is gonna come across as very diva'ish but the dealership doesn't have any vehicles with the illumination installed and I want to know before I pursue this further; (sorry for the links instead of pics, I couldn't insert pics without getting an error)
    All of the online pictures for the '19 Civic Si blue lighting look very baby blue / neon blue like this:
    The blue LED's from Diode Dynamics that I have in my Veloster Turbo are darker like this:
    https://www.hondapartworld.com/image/data/2019 Civic/MY19_Civic_2Dr_Console illumination blue.jpg
    I really don't like the baby blue / neon look, but really like the Diode Dynamic's blue LED color; does anyone have the Honda blue installed that can tell me if it really is the baby blue color?

    3. How about red? Does the red look very neon / carnival light red or is it a deeper red?

    4. For those of you that have done the Console/Interior/Armrest illumination, would you do it again?

    Thanks in advance for any responses!
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    Jul 19, 2018
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    1) i dont think anyones done it and im not sure. it is the same console as the insight. check collegehillshonda.com for compatibility.
    2) its a dark blue i believe. no one can get good pictures of it.
    3) not sure but im trying to get red because i have red pocket lights and the blues are hard to find.
    4) im still trying. lol

    also just to sell my shit...$215 shipped for both i have for sale • Console Illumination (Blue) 08E16-TBA-110
    • Interior Illumination (Blue) 08E10-TBA-100
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