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  1. Red Honda Badges/Emblems

    I wouldn’t recommend anything but OEM for these.
  2. Highest mileage to date with 10th gen Si's?

    Do you make these trips for work? What do you do? I also drive all over the midwest ~1000 miles a week, but mostly in my work truck. I have friends in MN and my gf lives in Memphis. For work I visit pipeline stations in Detroit, OH, KY, IN, IL.
  3. Stimulus package purchase?!

    How about dumping it straight into a student loan?
  4. Full spare tire set up in the truck of a 2020 Si sedan

    Yeah, those are some wheels you don’t want to curb
  5. Android auto not working

    i wish Honda would offer software updates for the head units. Would be nice
  6. Android auto not working

    Are you using the alternate skin for the head unit? I always had problems with that. I think the original default skin is more stable.
  7. Black Walnut Found in Wheel Well

    If someone wanted to sabotage your car, they could do a lot worse than shoving a walnut in your brake caliper. They could loosen your lug nuts with a wrench, let air out of your tires, shove something up your exhaust. It’s always good to walk around your car before you drive it to visually...
  8. Black Walnut Found in Wheel Well

    There’s a high chance a lot of random crap on the road can get trapped in there. What is your concern? Squirrels storing their nuts in your car?
  9. Acuity Throttle Pedal Spacer

    These things sell immediately every time somebody puts one up.
  10. Door ding

    This happens to everybody that daily drives their car and take it places. Unless you park in an empty lot and walk a mile to a store... Ive also gotten dinged a couple times. It sucks ass, but it is almost unavoidable. The best you can do is some touch up paint. You can get some that...
  11. The perfect silicone wiper blades

    Better than Michelin Endurance XTs?
  12. My 2020 Si misfired.. twice, using 19.5/23 psi basemap

    He has a youtube channel for his build. He’s doing a good job showcasing all of the mods and giving honest opinions about them. You should check it out. He lives in Cali. I wanna see a race with the IS350
  13. My 2020 Si misfired.. twice, using 19.5/23 psi basemap

    His car is way too new for there to be any significant junk at the bottom of the fuel tank. It may be time to look into a custom tune. You are introducing a lot of performance mods to the car in a short amount of time.
  14. Dual Horn Upgrade

    not nearly as bad as my 2016 LX single tone did. That was definitely a meeper
  15. Dual Horn Upgrade

    I bought my 2017 Si coupe used with 20k miles on it. It came with a dual tone horn. My 2016 LX did not come with this same dual tone horn. I was under the impression that my Si was left completely stock. Did the 2017 Si not come with the dual tone horn from the factory?
  16. Just changed my engine air filter...

    Nothing got into the engine as long as that filter had a good seal on it.
  17. Just changed my engine air filter...

    Looks like your filter is doing its job. you live near the beach, construction sites, or unpaved/dirt roads? Oh you said you bought it used so who knows where the previous owner took it.
  18. 2018 Honda Civic

    looks like 7440
  19. Swapped to LED in the interior and now none of the bulbs works? HELP?

    you may have crossed the wires on one of the bulbs and blown a fuse. check the fuse box for your interior lighting. also make sure none of the bulb wires got bent or crossed.