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  1. Positive feedback for Functional_rice

    I was badly in need of a replacement stock CTR wheel as I'd dented one of mine and he got one of the ones he was selling cleaned up, fast quote for shipping and sent to me in a few days. Quick transaction, excellent seller.
  2. FS: Full set stock type R wheels with tires

    Are you willing to sell just one wheel? Needing one to replace a bent wheel. Funds in hand.
  3. Set of five stock wheels NE FL/SE GA

    I'll buy the nicest wheel you have as long as it's in mint condition. Have funds in hand, please let me know. DM sent.
  4. FS: 2019 Stock Wheel&Tire (200 miles take off)

    Have you decided to part out yet? If so, I'll buy one of the wheels to replace a bent one. Can send funds right now whichever secure payment system you choose.
  5. Anyone own a Type R and live in an apartment, common parking, any issues?

    I live in an apartment with a parking garage. I don't worry about it. It's just a Civic, nobody cares about it and it's not the most expensive car in the parking garage, anyways.
  6. Leasing issue, major regrets.

    Well then by all means go f*ck yourself.
  7. Where do you put your sunglasses?

    That $41k price doesn't include delivery charges and other fees but point taken.
  8. Houston

    They're not going to offer both, sorry man. They'd have to develop a whole new transmission and then spend millions to certify it in Europe, Asia and North America which all have different standards. All for a limited-run vehicle. They'd never see a positive return on that. They could maybe...
  9. Defi BF Meter

    Sure, why not? Defi products are universal.
  10. Leasing issue, major regrets.

    Do you have something to contribute or are you just being a dick because it suits you?
  11. Did A1 service (oil change and rotate tires)--What I learned

    I just did my first A1 service at the dealership because the first service is free if you bought the car from them. Don't remember the sales guy tell me that at the time but hey, still saved me $74 + tax.
  12. Looking to install a heat blanket on the turbo

    Why would they? It's just extra cost and yet another part that would need to be exhaustively tested to ensure repeatedly durability at a massive scale. I'm sure there are some NHTSA, Euro, etc., regulatory hoops to jump through too that would cost millions to get certified as well. Adding turbo...
  13. Leasing issue, major regrets.

    I don't understand this mentality. What exactly do you think people do to their cars these days? Drag race over gravel? With a modern-day car, a comprehensive inspection by a certified mechanic and a vehicle history report would suffice and you could have gotten into an affordable used car. You...
  14. Review of the HKS oil cooler install.

    I dunno something doesn’t sound right. My sessions were 20 to 30 minutes so plenty of time for heat soak. Might be something going on with your car like a blocked coolant channel or line or malfunctioning fans.
  15. Civic Pakistan modifications - Tweeters, Paddle Shifters etc

    There. Is. No. Traditional. Gear. Set. Jesus Christ, pedantic person. The shifting is all software so, for the last time, the paddles are gimmicks.
  16. Why'd You Pick Civic X ?

    I actually didn't want a 10th-gen. I didn't want any kind of a Civic. I'm long past the point in my life where I buy cars based mostly on affordability/daily-drivability/family reasons. I would have bought some other sports car or sports sedan like a BMW M4/M3/M2. But the Type R got such rave...
  17. Civic Pakistan modifications - Tweeters, Paddle Shifters etc

    Still not seeing where what I said wasn't completely true lol. CVT uses pulleys and belts (yes, I know it's more complicated than that but that's what the system boils down to) in lieu of gears and gear ratios and "simulating" physical gear changes is completely artificial. Again, if it's all...
  18. DFW AutoX & HPDE

    I ran with Apex at MSR in June and Eagles Canyon ran their own event when I went in April.
  19. DFW AutoX & HPDE

    I hate AutoX with a passion but I do HPDE here and there. Went to Eagles Canyon in April and Motorsports Ranch in June. I think we're doing another around September when the weather isn't trying to kill us. Even when we did it in June, temps got to 98° and we all left very dehydrated despite...
  20. DFW

    Well dang, you've already nearly doubled my miles in less than 1/3 of ownership. Where are you driving? Wyoming every day? :p