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  1. 2020 Hatchback Rear Diffuser

    Probably the SI sedan, they pretty much used the hatch bumper.

    Speculation on my part since I don't have personal experience with the product, but typically there's enough difference between the sedan and the hatchback's exhaust that it's not quite a "1 size fits all" kind of product. A friend who used the Magnaflow sedan exhaust on his FK7 had to modify...
  3. Which shifter?

    It’s a direct replacement for your SI shifter. Only if you try and add a short shift adapter to shorten the CTR shifter even more will it make the angle of the cable angled enough to cause issues.
  4. Which shifter?

    Civic Type R shifter - $45 Acuity centering spring - $25 Acuity base bushings - $30 Perrin RMM insert - $30 World of difference for the $130 spent, smooth, shorter throw shiftng without any of the "rubbery" feel of the original stock shifter, positive gear selection. The new 2020 CTR shifter...
  5. Sport vs non sport rear bumper question

    It's about 95% plug and play, You won't need the Sport's left and right bumper extensions from the Sport's part list, and there's two holes on the Sport diffuser that won't line up with the LX / EX hatchback brackets. I just fabricated a couple of bracket extensions using some scrap plastic...
  6. Anyone else blowing their speakers easy?

    Don't have that issue, but I don't crank my speakers to the point of annoying others. On a more serious note, you're heading down the road for a serious case of tinnitus, as well as hearing loss. Might not seem important to you now, but take my word for it, once you have either of those...
  7. Modified intakes in california??

    Only time in 40 years of driving in San Diego I’ve been pulled over and issued a ticket just for equipment violation was not having a front plate or if a tail light or headlight was out. The CHP and police/sheriffs aren’t too concerned about what your car has otherwise from my experience AS...
  8. 1.5T Anyone with a LX hatchback wanting center exhaust exit

    Looks good. Did you ever do a cold start sound clip, and what was the total cost?
  9. Best replacement battery for Civic?

    Costco Kirkland batteries were very good, and had a good warranty. Their batteries now are Interstate, which are rebranded Johnson Control batteries. Reason why they dropped the Kirkland branded ones was Interstate didn't want to honor the warranty period that came with the Kirkland batteries...
  10. Coilover recommendations

    One of the better ones out there for the hatchback is HKS Hipermax IV GT ( p.n. 80230-AH009 ). Unfortunately, HKS USA is having trouble getting them to market at the present. Runs about $1600. There's cheaper ones, but don't have any experience with those.
  11. Upgrade stock exhaust?

    A down pipe will add horsepower, but be aware will make your car loud, and could a throw check engine light.
  12. Replacement Skid Plate

    If you need to replace the metal plate, it's possible to use the CTR cover plate, p.n. #74114-TGH-A00. Sold separately, I picked one up at the dealer for $42 to have on hand just in case. Some of the cut outs are different vs.a non-CTR plate, but mounting holes are the same and when I test...
  13. ProDrager Exhaust for EX hatchback

    I like your carbon fiber diffuser, is that from ProDrager, and do you know if they make one for the hatchback?
  14. ProDrager Exhaust for EX hatchback

    Did you do another dBA check with the FP / DP installed? When I checked mine ( cat back only ) peak level was around 91 - 92 dBA which I think was the same level as yours. California has a 95 dBA max limit on exhausts, which if exceeded, can result in up to $1000 fine. Daily driving with mine...
  15. ProDrager Exhaust for EX hatchback

    When I got mine, I contacted them on Instagram. Very quick shipping time, about 3 days from when they sent it out until it was on my doorstep.
  16. I will never buy a HONDA again!

    Sounds like it's time for you to trade in your despised Honda for a new Mitsubishi Mirage and move on. Not sure what else this forum can do for you, we get you think the Civic is a POS,
  17. rear visability 2020 civic. remember cars with big rear windshield

    Never had one myself, but my wife ( girlfriend at the time ) had one in her '74 Capri. If I remember right, no night setting switch you could flip, but it had an anti glare coating on the mirrors which was supposed to help with headlight glare, plus her windows were tinted, so it wasn't that big...
  18. rear visability 2020 civic. remember cars with big rear windshield

    Glass is relatively heavy compared to sheet metal, my guess is manufacturers having been reducing total glass area in a bid to boost fuel economy. Non-issue for me, adjusted my side mirrors for any blind spot, between the side mirrors correctly adjusted and the rear mirror, pretty much can cover...
  19. do you use 87 octane in your honda ex civic.

    Man, I thought only Californians and maybe Hawaiians got screwed on gas prices, .50+ cents a gallon difference would probably make me think twice on tuning a civic to where you'd need premium, but price difference between premium and regular at my local stations range from 20-30 cents, so...