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  1. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Nothing special. Washed it (again, thanks cracked out Colorado weather) and a couple decals came in. Vegeta on rear passenger window and Dragonite on the gas tank door. +5hp hahahahaha :D
  2. Where to replace tires?

    I second this; it's how I found the tire guy I wanted to use, it's definitely a handy tool that they have their recommendations listed
  3. Long term/DD experience with stock wheels?

    I DD the 20's in the summer, it isn't bad. I do a 20mi commute one way, I do get a little anxiety when I hit an unseen bump or small pothole. I've curbed my rear passenger wheel and only had a deep scratch (of which still needs to be covered up lol) I want to say I've been lucky in comparison to...
  4. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Washed it again. So shiny now
  5. Is it possible to buy this honda jacket?

    Looks fantastic! I took a gander at their size chart and everything would be really big on me. That is what is deterring me from buying it :(
  6. Bought boost blue CTR recommended winter tire size?

    I have the same setup of the Michelins. This is my second winter running them and I really like them, I'll definitely be buying these again when time comes. :D
  7. wheels

    I've got 245/40-18's on mine. Sport Edition
  8. Best OEM accessory

    Sweeeeet I bought one. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Best OEM accessory

    Oooh where might one purhase such item? Hehe
  10. Wingless type-r

    To each their own, the wing grew on me.
  11. New Owner!

    Welcome and have fun!
  12. Is it possible to buy this honda jacket?

    Post photos when you get it!!
  13. Is it possible to buy this honda jacket?

    Oh shit, good to know, that looks awesome! I have that jacket on my watch list :D
  14. Is it possible to buy this honda jacket?

    I wish this one was as cool but it is similar lol. Probably some exclusive item
  15. New simple Acura driving game

    ooook I bookmarked it. hehehehehe thank you for sharing!
  16. How hard to keep a white one clean?

    Does well hiding dirt/dust. Until a snow/rain storm. Then it's half brown lol I love it though. Do a bit of a pressure wash and watch all the yuck come off (I don't have any ppf or ceramic). Could probably go a while without a wash during summer but wouldn't recommend it. :D
  17. CO Section!!

    Stock, I couldn't imagine going lower (I've already had a couple scrapes; good thing they're on the underside hehehehe)
  18. Civic Type R Owners: What do you do for a living?

    I'm a graphic designer for a construction company. I do some marketing, mainly put together proposals for projects the company wants to bid on. I love the hell out of what I do. And my co workers do love the car; whenever someone asks me how the car is doing they phrase it, "how's the race car?"...
  19. Bought This Beauty Yesterday

    Congrats and welcome! :D have fun!