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  1. 19 CTR Emission and rev match system problem

    Was this the root cause or just the result of the dealer not reconnecting it properly during troubleshooting/parts replacement?
  2. Vibration in Engine Area

    If it only occurs while the car is moving it's likely an unbalanced wheel/tire, slung wheel weight, or a mis-mounted tire on the front. You must have a lousy dealership as the "diagnostic" test could be done by their service "gofer".
  3. Battery relocate

    … and likely RWD for which the weight transfer might enable the rear-end to grip slightly better from a standing start - if you're pushing over 300 hp.
  4. how long does the battery last, when the car isn't in use?

    Assuming your battery is in reasonable condition, if it's above freezing you can let the car sit for a month or more. If you're worried just go and start it and let it run for 5-10 minutes every week or so - no need to drive it but be gentle when you finally do. If you taking a drive every...
  5. 2019 Civic Si 4-Dr - All the Lights Came On ( ABS, EPS, ETC.)

    Low battery voltage or loose battery cable would be major suspect.
  6. 19 CTR Emission and rev match system problem

    Verify nothing in your bolt-ons has loosened then try a dealer with a competent service department/tech
  7. Interested in Purchasing a Honda Civic

    The 3% bump in HP isn't worth a 25% bump in cost for premium. Unless you're using a tuner and FBO, I just think of it as driving a much better version of the Civic AND using the savings to get FREE maintenance for life with the savings.
  8. Interested in Purchasing a Honda Civic

    Neither the Si nor the Type R "Require" premium - you'll have a slight drop in performance with 87 or 89 but no other issues.
  9. 2020 SI vs Accord manual ?

    Don't let a spare tire be the litmus test for your decision - the last 5 cars we've owned have never had the spare (tire/donut) taken out, over 400,000 miles, 33+ years, and the only close call was a pothole (@ 70 mph) that damaged the tire and broke the wheel on our Si - but survived another 3...
  10. Headlights not working

    Then the +12 voltage is not getting to the bulb. Check the socket for corrosion or continuity (you'll need a VOM or circuit tester). Suspect the feed from the headlight relay is tied to both low beams. Be aware the main relay for the tail lights might be overloaded/damaged if you try...
  11. Headlights not working

    Does high beam work? If not, check for a loose ground on the passenger side. (Also need to fix third sentence to "... NOT the bulbs...")
  12. Fried ECU

    A battery with an internal short can prevent the car from starting even with a jump and/or cause it to "die" when the jumper cable is removed if the alternator can't overcome the drain/load of the dead battery. Removing one or both battery cables before jumping puts the electronics at risk.
  13. 2021 Civic Type R Limited Edition: Ultimate Track-Focused Type R Coming to America

    Notice the HP also went on a 3% diet in the Euro version (306 vs 316 prior).
  14. Toyota Camry destroyed me civic wtf

    Always agree with buying. Pricing & cost might be location & credit rating related = I get $239 for 36 month low mileage (10k) with $3k down - couldn't get it to easily change period but doubt I'd hit near $550 if I went to 5 years - that seems more like the buy pricing. (My buy cost was $611...
  15. Civic Type R - 5 seat conversion

    Interestingly the 2020 Civics can determine an overloading issue and will generate numerous alerts (ACC, CMBS, etc). Doubt that will save you in this situation, modifying passenger capacity, but at least Honda is addressing the overweight issue.
  16. Toyota Camry destroyed me civic wtf

    $559 CAD is $422 USA quite a difference but still yikes for a 5 year lease.
  17. Toyota Camry destroyed me civic wtf

    That's CAD but yikes.
  18. Civic Type R - 5 seat conversion

    Looks great and well documented. Besides a likely insurance fail, most state inspections will likely not pass, and your drivetrain and suspension warranty will likely be challenged for anything related to (possible) overloading. It would be impossible for you to successfully document never...
  19. Finicky Transmission: Brand New 2020 Si

    Can't offer any help for reverse lockout but our '12 Si doesn't like to go into first when moving unless it's rev-matched (by foot not computer!).