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  • 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport
    Ralleye Red
  1. civicxtasy
    nice color bro! can't wait to get my sport hatch next week!
      yeeitzmikey thanked this.
    1. yeeitzmikey
      Thank You! Thank You! Make sure you show it off! :)
      yeeitzmikey, Feb 18, 2017
  2. rjmancia
    Love the car bro! Picking up mine today! Cannot wait!
      yeeitzmikey thanked this.
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    2. rjmancia
      Wooooop! Lovin mine... just wish it was 6 speed but still the auto is comforting
      rjmancia, Feb 17, 2017
    3. yeeitzmikey
      agreed man! for me especially for the long commutes xP
      yeeitzmikey, Feb 18, 2017
    4. rjmancia
      Been driving mine like crazy hahaha have not even touched the poor S2k... lol :(

      Thing is so comfortable...
      rjmancia, Feb 27, 2017
  3. Rudyboy
    Where did you get ur tint ? What kind and how much did it cost you ? Ty
      yeeitzmikey thanked this.
    1. yeeitzmikey
      My tint already came like that from the dealership. Sorry if that doesn't help.
      yeeitzmikey, Feb 12, 2017