White Touring

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  • 2016 Honda Civic Touring WOP
  • White LED Foglights
    Red JDM2016 Honda Civic Emblems
    Black Plastidipped Grille
    20% Formula One Tinted Windows All Around
    Chameleon Foglights Overlay Tint
    Canadian Tire Dual Exhaust Tips
    CivicX.Com Decal
    Rear Diffuser
    LED Dome Lights and Reverse Lights
    Honda Door Welcome Light
    Gekko Dashcam
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    How good is the plastidip holding up on the front grill? Have you had to do any touch ups?
  2. haced
    which JDM emblems did you use?
  3. jcarra00
    Great look! Thinking about plastidipping my front grill, as well.
  4. bluegreencheese
    Nice look! Are you by any chance in Waterloo, ON? Because I think I saw your car a few week's ago at a walmart parking lot.
  5. emati001
    Where did you get those emblems, It looks soon cool!!!!
  6. Tambayawak
    Was it easy to removed those emblems
  7. MyCivicAccount
    you should upload pictures of the interior, looks like you added something to the interiors
  8. aamillie
    what diffuser are you using? car looks sick bro.. congrats!!!!
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  9. mia347
    Where did you get those embelms? According to ProCivic.com, the 2016 version is not out yet. Thanks
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  10. Honda2112
    I'm curious on how the lower portion of the black grille would look painted body color....
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