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    Civic Si
    Crystal Black Pearl
    1.5L Turbo
    Seibon Carbon TS Style Hood
    J's Racing Headlights
    Spoon Side Mirrors
    Dorosolight Taillights
    SynthCarbon Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps
    Seibon Carbon TR style side skirts
    Seibon Carbon Vortex Wing
    Aero_Spec_Racing Red Reflection Carbon H Badge
    Premium Auto Styling Tints: Side marker, Reflectors, Chrome Delete.
    Tint: 35% Front 20% Rear
    Pegasus Carbon Trim
    Bride ZETA III Plus
    Bride Bracket
    Cusco 4 PT Harness
    Cusco Power Brace
    Spoon Wideview Mirror
    FKXracing Harness Bar
    Aegeanbluesi Steering wheel
    PRL Cobra Race Maf
    PRL DP FKXracing FP
    PRL Garrett Turbo
    Cusco Rear Motor Mount
    Hasport Full Mount
    Injen Intercooler
    Injen Charge Pipes
    Sirimoto E85 FlexFuel
    HKS HI-Power Exhaust
    Spoon Oil Cap
    Spoon Radiator Cap
    Spoon Valve Cover
    TE37 Saga Time Attack
    Yokohama S. Drive
    APG BBK 330 x 28 Slotted/Drilled
    HKS Hiper Max IV GT Full Coilovers with Error Canceller
    SPC Camber Kit
    Cusco Strut Bar
    Cusco Power Brace (Lower Front)
    Cusco Power Brace (Center)
    Cusco Power Brace (Rear Member)
    Eibach 25mm Sway Bar
    Eibach Endlinks
    Eibach Brace
    I was involved in a contaminated fuel Jan 27, 2019 I lost my 2018 Si, I rebuilt the 2019 Si to make it even better. Now is called, "Vader 2.0"
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  1. 2019SiOldGuy
    I tried to duplicate a Type R as wasted your time....I also paid for HKS dont have.....I had 27won turbo...exhaust I can go on and on....I had 350 HP to wheels....I'ts still not the same...I gave you one star for trying!!!
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    1. Vader_Si
      Thank you!
      Vader_Si, Aug 29, 2019
    2. 2019SiOldGuy
      You're a good sport!!! I'm stilling trying to sell my mods of my old Si ripper...just wanted to sell it before I blew the engine...LOL
      2019SiOldGuy, Aug 29, 2019
  2. HoldTheRice
    One of the sickest builds period.
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    1. Vader_Si
      Thank you very much!
      Vader_Si, Jul 19, 2019
  3. Opcocoa
    Dang all that on the stock clutch still? How much power are you making?
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    1. Vader_Si
      300 hp and 370tq
      Vader_Si, Jul 19, 2019
  4. SiAntwan928
    I’m really liking your car! For those headlights do you have the oem bulbs or led?
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    1. Vader_Si
      Plug and play LED J's racing headlights
      Vader_Si, Jun 15, 2019
    2. supermonkey74
      How is the performance of the J's Racing headlights? I live in a super dark rural area and want to upgrade to better headlights.
      supermonkey74, Aug 4, 2019
  5. lurker_j
    I read on super street you're using 265/35 tires on your wheels. Are you getting any rub or did you roll your fenders?
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    1. Vader_Si
      Rolled, Pulled, Shaved, Cut, don't run it, it takes a lot of work lol
      Vader_Si, May 6, 2019
    2. lurker_j
      dang alright thanks for the heads up and saving me the headache lol
      lurker_j, May 6, 2019
  6. kxt5663
    welcome back brother! vader 2.0 is coming out real nice already.
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    1. Vader_Si
      Thank you man!
      Vader_Si, May 6, 2019
  7. hfpdohc
    thats ass looks way meanier :eek::headbang:
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  8. marlonenzotbe
    Nice Si bro! Keep it up! Where did you buy the red emblems btw? Are they OEM?
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    1. Vader_Si
      Thank you very much! I got it from @aero_spec_racing on instagram. Quality handcrafted carbon fiber
      Vader_Si, Apr 1, 2019
  9. hfpdohc
    ohhh new shoes are on!!!...hope the new car getting there bro!
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    1. Vader_Si
      She's back!
      Vader_Si, Mar 31, 2019
    2. hfpdohc
      ouuuuu yeahhhhhhhh
      hfpdohc, Apr 1, 2019
  10. dldaves
    my favorite from Instagram!
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    1. Vader_Si
      Thank you very much!!
      Vader_Si, Jan 29, 2019