TJ's Lunar Silver Metallic Touring

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    • Clear Side Markers
    • Fog Light Chrome Trim
    • OEM-Style Turbo Decal
    • Paint Protection Kit
      • 3M Scotchguard Pro
      • Invisi-Garde Paint Protection Kit
    • Rexing V1 Dash Cam
      • with GPS Logger
      • Hard-wired to fuse panel
    • Aluminum Gas + Brake Pedal
    • Aluminum Door Sill Guard
    • Husky Floor Liners
    • Husky Cargo Trunk Liner
    • Photodon Screen Protector
    • Steering Wheel Cover
    • Ambient Lighting Kit
    • Console Illumination Kit
    • LED Dome Lights (6000k)
    • LED Trunk Light (6000k)
    • LED H8 6000k Fog Light
    • LED Sylvania 194A Amber Side Marker
    • LED Sylvania 7440R 3rd Brake Light
    • LED Philips Vision 7440 Brake Light
    • LED Philips White Vision Reverse Light
    • 3M Color Stable (20%)
    • Covercraft UVS100 Custom Fit Sunscreen (Silver)
    • WeatherTech CargoTech Trunk Containment System
    • WeatherTech ClearCover
    • Rigid RI-800H Flashlight
    • California Duster
    • Tote of Misc. Cleaning Items/Towels
    • Injen Cold Air Intake (Black Polished)
    • Injen Hydroshield
    • MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust System
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    Gotta love that lunar grey. Mine is very similar to yours. I got the rear diffuser with LED brake lights + I changed the exhaust axle-back piping.:headbang:
  2. pcjc88
    Wow man, i own a CBP Civic myself, but the Lunar Silver Metallic looks damn good. What camera are you rocking? Id like to upload some photos of my own, but id feel bad if the quality was any less than this :lol:
  3. deeXdrive
    Looks beautiful...great mods! :thumbsup:
  4. Xelcreeck
    ur exhaust tips seem photoshoped :p
  6. mzebby
    What camera are you using...great pics
  7. Andy123az
    Where did you get the sport pedals from? I love the look.
  8. Roonies
    Really loving the car! Where did you get the clear side markers?
  9. lunarsilvercivic
    Where did you get your fog light trim? Looks very good on Lunar Silver. Thinking about getting them for mines too.
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    1. timothyjay
      Got mine from:

      It's a little pricey, but it's the oem trim. They have 3rd party ones also on eBay, but doesn't look as defined I think.
      timothyjay, Sep 2, 2016
    2. lunarsilvercivic
      Thank you. Was it easy to install?
      lunarsilvercivic, Sep 2, 2016
    3. timothyjay
      It comes with double sided tape, and a screw. I think it's supposed to be screwed in by taking the bumper off and screwing it from the back, but a lot of people have simply shaved down the notch for the screw and use the tape only. It's been on my vehicle for months and no sign of coming loose.

      If you have a Dremel tool, it's so much easier to shave down the nub where the screw sits. But if you have an xacto knife, you can make it work.
      timothyjay, Sep 2, 2016
  10. bcthai
    The fog light trim looks good. I saw it on ebay and thought it might be too much chrome, but I like it on your car - nice to have the before/after pics. Since I live in Thailand, I will look for the local seller on ebay as well. Importing car parts will attract high customs duties, even by mail. I was also thinking of the chrome window trim on the bottom of the windows, but don't want to overdue it. It looks classy on some cars. I've also got the silver.
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    1. timothyjay
      Thanks! I definitely like the fog chrome trim, and was also considering the chrome trim on the bottom of the windows... I think it would look good, just haven't decided if I want to fully commit on that :)
      timothyjay, Aug 18, 2016
    2. iqflash
      Looking nice,,, silver trim lookging good on silver color,,, might be over-done on darker colors...
      iqflash, Aug 29, 2016