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  • 2016 Honda Civic Touring White Orchid Pearl
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  1. Dretlaw
    Great photo! Definitely twins. Is that a protective film on the hood? Does the front bumper also have them?
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    1. cbreezy
      Sorry for the late reply @Dretlaw ! Yes, that is indeed a protective film. Not entirely sure whether or not the front bumper has it but I will check tomorrow and get back to ya on that!
      cbreezy, Apr 12, 2016
  2. virtual888
    this is so sexy, lol. . white ext. with black int. and are windows already tinted? it doesn't seem to be but it would look even better imo. anyway, congrats!
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    1. cbreezy
      I'm not entirely sure.. Other users say the car comes factory tinted, 70%?

      Edit; from another forum:
      "Windows are all that "solar glass" type they say is tinted, but it is not really so if you see that it is just normal glass designed to reflect heat. Might be super minimal tint to it."
      cbreezy, Apr 4, 2016
  3. Rawnerve1
    I love it.... I'm picking up the same model on Friday. Does yours have black or ivory leather?
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    1. cbreezy
      Thanks & congrats on your pick-up! You'll love the car! The interior is black leather.
      cbreezy, Apr 2, 2016