Take Two - 2016 Civic EX w/Honda Sensing - MSM/Gray - 3/2016 build

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  1. kyle_agronick
    I saw in a post that you did the auto dimming mirror. How hard was it to do that. Do you have any pics? I have the sensing and I'm not having any luck finding a kit that will work with the sensing camera.
  2. ams.soltis
    Where did you get the carpet
    1. My2016Civic
      Believe it or not, Walmart's automotive department. I guess what they say is true. "If you can't find it at Walmart, ya don't need it!" :)
      My2016Civic, Aug 8, 2016
  3. MyCivicAccount
    I really like the hooks in the trunk of the car, how much do they cost?
    1. My2016Civic
      The cost depends on where you get them. I bought the Cargo Hooks for $8.26 each (got two) from http://hondapartsnetwork.com/assembly/47/4/4/3074/4/24757/2016-Civic-Sedan-EX-Sensing-Hdm-Cvt-Continuously-Variable-Transmission-Cargo-Hook but you can also get them for $7.50 each here: http://www.accessories-honda.com/honda-civic-2016-sedan-interior-cargo-hook-p-2364.html
      My2016Civic, May 31, 2016
    2. My2016Civic
      If you're talking about the smaller hooks, those are part of the cargo net. I bought 8 the "Anchors" bolts and nuts separately without the net and planned on using them for small bungee cords to hold things in place instead of the net.
      My2016Civic, May 31, 2016
    3. My2016Civic
      The Anchors do require a special tool (RivNut Tool) and some drilling to install though, it was not an easy install.

      You can find the full kit or separate parts (anchors & nuts) here: http://hondapartsnetwork.com/assembly/47/4/4/3074/4/24758/2016-Civic-Sedan-EX-Sensing-Hdm-Cvt-Continuously-Variable-Transmission-Cargo-Net
      My2016Civic, May 31, 2016
  4. DudeWheresMyCar
    I really like this hidden nook! And how they added in the cable routing.
      My2016Civic thanked this.
    1. My2016Civic
      I agree.. To give it a cleaner, neater look, I changed the white iPhone lightning cable to a black retractable cable.

      I also added automotive rug material to those areas and cup holders. Looks MUCH better than the rubber/plastic and also looks cleaner longer..
      My2016Civic, May 14, 2016