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  • 2016 EX-L Energy Green Pearl 1.5L Turbo/ ZTM (midnight purple 3) Hypershift Pearl in Autoflex high gloss
  • Led's interior
    upholstered stripes interior (Lively Green)
    17in American Racing Black Gloss Wheels
    Console Lighting
    Sunroof cover
    pin stripes
    wing spoiler
    side body moulding
    blacked out front bumper with pro liner
    wrapped window trim
    green painted calipers
    window tint
    Liquid wrap in Autoflex high gloss ZTM Hypershift Pearl..aka(midnight purple 3...oem paint)
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  1. Zach92
    can you post a link to those rims
    1. skittles
      Their American Racing
      skittles, Feb 18, 2017
  2. aj000712
    is the color a wrap?
    1. skittles
      yes.. in Autoflex, which is a new clear coat that came out last year.
      skittles, Feb 2, 2017
  3. andyboyd102
    Where did you get your custom seat covers?? I would like to do a stripe in red or blue. Please help
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    1. skittles
      I had the green striping added to the original interior leather. Had it done at a local auto upholstery in Fort Worth..Any auto upholstery will be able to do it..
      skittles, Feb 1, 2017
  4. deliriousfoodie
    Very cool. Nice to see different colors
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  5. skittles
    2013 370Z Sport....current project!!
  6. Quicksipper
    that ranch with the horse is in or near Argyle right? ive seen it before.
    1. skittles
      Yeep..Very close to there
      skittles, Oct 29, 2016
  7. skittles
    Thought I'd throw in an old pic in da green.
  8. Sushimaster
    that purple color make me go crazy, omg!!! and the rims goes so well with that color!
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  9. Cruzz0712
    Awesome car! :love:How do you like the roof visor? Thinkin about getting it
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    1. skittles
      I like it...even more now it's painted..Lol...haven't got to use sunroof much because so hot where I live. So looking forward to cooler weather..
      skittles, Aug 30, 2016
  10. skittles
    Excuse some pics as Skittles waa dirty after the rain:(