Simple JDM Civic

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  • Hey guys i want to share my build here comments are welcome :)
    Civic FC Turbo
    Color: White
  • -Work Seeker FX 18x8
    -H Drive Coilovers
    -Oem Style Spoilers
    -Thailand RS grill
    -Concave Blue mirrors
  • -Race Chip
    -Straight pipe with universal HKS silent hi power
    -Custom Cold air intake
  1. jbatman1080
    What coil/lowering springs? Man, really nice setup here!
    1. tomybkp
      Hey I'm using H drive coilovers here, thanks jbatman1080 :)
      tomybkp, Jan 14, 2017
  2. mjyumping
    Nice, this must be the top of the range, Thailand-spec VTI-LX?
      mrtroytran thanked this.
    1. tomybkp
      In my country Indonesia, its all one spec only 1.5 turbo engine and A/T transmission. I don't know about the Thailand's spec. Thanks mjyumping :)
      tomybkp, Jan 9, 2017
  3. Junior basso
    Como lanternas traseiras ficaram TOP em vermelho !!!:popcorn:
    1. tomybkp
      I can't speak spanish but Thanks Junior basso :)
      tomybkp, Jan 9, 2017
  4. RallyeRed
    I'm digging the HKS mufflers. How does it sound? I have the Injen exhaust, it is super bassy and deep, I love it.
    1. tomybkp
      Before removing the resonator it was very bassy and a bit drowny but after I remove the resonator, the system was in the middle of low and high sound so it's pleasant now.
      Thanks RallyeRed :)
      tomybkp, Jan 9, 2017