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    Civic Hatchback Sport 6MT (Si Conversion)
    Matte Military Green Vinyl Wrap.
    Fully Built L15BA w/ Si Transmission and LSD Swap.
    Bodywork: @AndyFrankenstein
    Bodykit/Hood: @KevMannz_KevTEC
    Vinyl Wrap: @PlatinumVinyl @VvividVinyl
    Custom Aero: @UbeyMade
    Dress Up: @HydroDipConcepts
    CF Emblems: @Aero_Spec_Racing
    Window Visors: @Honda OEM
    Foglight Overlay: @LaminXFilms

    1. LASFIT H11 LED (Headlights)
    Engine Bay:
    1. Carbon Fiber Hydrodipped (Radiator and side engine bay shrouds)
    2. Type R style CF engine cover
    3. Sirimoto red anodized washers
    ECU: @K_Tuner V2 ECU
    CAI: @PRLMotorsports Cobra w/ Race MAF
    Catless Down Pipe/Front Pipe: PLM
    Exhaust: @FlowMaster_Official Super10 w/ 4 inch tips
    FlexFuel Kit: @VitViper/@K_Tuner
    Motor Mount: @Hasport_Performance U82a
    Clutch: @ClutchMasters FX350
    Oil Catch Can: @Mishimoto
    Connecting Rods: @RunBC
    ValveTrain: @RunBC (In R&D)
    Valves: @RunBC (In R&D)
    Sleeves: @DartonSleeves (In R&D)
    Pistons: @JEPistons
    Fluids: @AmsoilInc
    Engine Tuning: @DardanTuned
    Transmission: Si Swap
    LSD: Si Swap
    Wheels: AME Fins - Front 18x12 -20, Rear 18x13 -28
    Tires: Front 265/35R18, Rear 295/30R18
    1. D2 Racing Sports Springs
    2. Sirimoto Strut Tower Bar
    1. Phoenix 9-inch Android Radio
    2. ‎Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Speakers.
    Purchased on September 13, 2017 for $19,775 @ Findlay Honda NW LV

    IG: @RomelM12_FK7

    Official Sponsors: Mishimoto, Clutchmasters, D2 Racing, Brian Crower, LASFIT

    Current Dyno as of Jan 2018: 239.7whp/274.5 tq.
    Stock 1/8th: 10.305 @ 69.66
    KTuner only 1/8th: 9.435 @ 78.12
    Current 1/8th: TBD on 01/26/2018
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  1. McC
    Dang .... the white hatch never looked so good. Good job!
  2. hiiiruth
    whats ur exhaust?
    1. tianxiang
      looks like a GReddy for me
      tianxiang, Sep 6, 2018
  3. Silverstone92
    Damn that widebody is sick Af! Great color wrap as well. How’s the lsd trans in the car? Direct swap?
  4. hfpdohc
    hmmm that sweet ass!
  5. tianxiang
    Do you like the Aodhan ls 007 wheels? I'm considering to get a set of 18 inches. Just not sure how the quality is for daily drives
    1. RomelM12
      I loved them. For a rep company, they were of great quality. I had the 19x8.5 +35 with 235/35R19 tires. Hit many a pot hole without issues.
      RomelM12, Aug 3, 2018
    2. tianxiang
      I notice a lot of people go by 19x9.5 Aodhan ls007 wheels. Any particular reason? I thought 18 inch has better performance and less risk
      tianxiang, Aug 5, 2018
  6. tianxiang
    Bro, nice car! Did you receive your wide body kit yet?
    1. RomelM12
      Yes, I made my official debut at SPOCOM Anaheim the other week. I mainly update my Instagram: @RomelM12_FK7

      The vehicle in currently in the shop getting a complete Si Swap. Motor, trans, LSD. Along with rods, pistons, valves and valvetrain.
      RomelM12, Jul 30, 2018
    2. Green82
      where did you get the body kit i love the look of it.
      sadly i have yet to find one to fit our cars
      Green82, Aug 1, 2018
  7. hfpdohc
    where did you buy that deck lip spoiler?
  8. Multaq
    That is the sickest hatch ive seen thus far! good job on the mod choices!
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  9. littleprincerex
    How was the foglight overlay install? I bought a roll of film but I’ve been feeling too lazy to put it on.
      RomelM12 thanked this.
    1. RomelM12
      Mine was pre-cut from Lamin-X. Easiest install ever. Just center. Press down from the middle outwards. Tuck in with a credit card or the like.
      RomelM12, Feb 4, 2018
  10. wassen
    Brutal! Very nice
      RomelM12 thanked this.