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Rallye Red

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  • 2016 Civic Sedan Touring
    Rallye Red Exterior
    Black Leather Interior
  • TSW Nurburgring Machined/Grey 18x9.5 +40
    245/40-18 Continental PureContact With EcoPlus Technology
    Full Front-End SunTek Paint Protection
    Wincos Tint: Windshield(70%), Front Windows(33%), Rear Windows(10%), Sunroof(20%)
    OEM All Weather Floor Mats
    OEM Trunk Tray
    OEM Body Side Moldings
    OEM Cargo Net
    OEM Turbo Badge
    ASEAN Non-Illuminated Door Sill Trim
    ASEAN Clear Side Markers
    Honda Access Sport Pedals
    Honda Access Rear Diffuser
  • Injen Super SES Cat-Back Exhaust
    Mishimoto Catch Can
    AFE Pro Dry-S Filter
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  1. rob_fdz
    Hi is there any gas milage difference after you put the rims on if yes then how much it is! I travel 70 mils everyday for work so it's kinda big deal for me. I'm thinking to get bigger rims that's why I'm asking...
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    1. RallyeRed
      I think it depends more so what tire's you get than the size of the wheel. I have a few mods that might affect MPG, but I get roughly 33-38mpg average depending on how much highway driving I do.
      RallyeRed, Jan 14, 2017
  2. RallyeRed
    Finally uploaded new pics.
  3. johnnytavani
  4. PJ2700
    Very nice! I'm digging those rims. :headbang:
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  5. RallyeRed
    Updated with new photos. I think i'll do a photo shoot this weekend :)
  6. RallyeRed
    Not doing a front diffuser, I've decided to keep the body how it is. However, I am getting different wheels. Never really liked how these fit. I'm getting truly lightweight wheels, the Konig Hypergram. I will update this with pictures when they are installed!
  7. RallyeRed
    Decided to keep the stock suspension, at least until it wears out. However, I am looking into ordering a front diffuser from Areal Racing. Once I get the front diffuser installed, I will take some new pictures and update the build thread.
  8. RallyeRed
    Okay guys, I've decided that I have one more mod to go. I'm going to be adding Meister R coilovers sometime in August/September. Couldn't help it, this car is begging to be lowered.
  9. RallyeRed
    I got them on Amazon. Can't remember the size though. PM me if you need the sizes and I'll look them up.
  10. PJ2700
    Where did you get the Bulbs from signal and reverse?