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  1. martel_97
    Blacked out the yellow deflector with VHD night shade, did it on mine, looks awesome. Also did it on reverse and flasher light, I recommand it
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    2. martel_97
      Really easy, its like plasti-dip if you are used to it.. put coats depending on how much darker you want it to be! What's nice about VHD night shade is that it dark the thing but the light still go through so it gives a nice effect ! Have fun :p
      martel_97, Feb 22, 2017
    3. martel_97
      I just updated my Garage so you can have a quick look at what it could look like ;) did mine on winter so it is not the best result but it's a little sample of it !
      martel_97, Feb 22, 2017
    4. abbierademacherr
      That's good to hear that it's easy to put on Imma for sure take a look at your car
      abbierademacherr, Feb 22, 2017