Pawinn's 2017 Honda Civic Si Sedan (MOD LIST + VIDEOS)

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    Civic Si Sedan
    Lunar Silver
    1.5L Turbocharged I4
    6-Speed Manual
    OEM style mud guards, LED Light Bulbs
    Acuity Instruments ESCO Shift knob + Shift Boot Collar +Dboy Shiftz Shift Boot
    Transmission Mods: Acuity Instruments Upgraded Shifter Cable Bushings, Base Bushings, Short Shifter Adapter, Rocker Arm, & Upgraded Centering Spring.
    VMR V721 Wheels (19x8.5 with +35 offset) + Continental ExtremeContact Sports (Size: 235/35/R19)
    This car is my daily driver, and a fresh feature on my Youtube Channel (linked videos in the comments!). I aim to become one of the top automotive content creators on the 10th Gen Civic platform. Currently I'm working closely with awesome aftermarket companies like ACUITY Instruments to make install/review videos on performance parts for this new civic/accord platform. I'll try my best to keep the current mod list updated!
  1. powow66
    Last weekend I decided to install an aftermarket shift boot on my 10th gen. Chose to go with a galaxy print :drive:

    Link to the youtube video below:
  2. powow66
    Just released my unboxing/review of the latest prototype for the Acuity Fully Adjustable Short Shifter for 10th gen civics. More install details to come :)
  3. powow66
    Work/Project Update #2:

    Sharing a video to help those interested in installing the acuity shifter cable bushings (retainer rings and all). This video also depicts a recommended procedure in removing stock shifter bushings to prevent any damage to the shifter cables.

  4. powow66
    Work Update #1:

    As some of you may know, I have been working with Acuity Instruments on part install/review videos on my own YouTube channel (seen in the first garage update). Since then I've started doing videography work for the Acuity Instruments YouTube Channel as well, with the first video from me being this Center Console Removal Guide (essential for any shifter modifications):

    More content to come from both channels :drive:.
    It's funny cause I just started following you on YouTube this week lol and I just fell on your profile here.

    Love the channel and the work you're putting into your ride!! Keep up the good work :thumbsup:
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    1. powow66
      Thanks man! I appreciate your support :)
      powow66, Aug 16, 2018
  6. TurboBlow
    Sick mods man, where is the front lip from?
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    1. powow66
      See garage update #3 below! The lip is from overseas.
      powow66, Jul 25, 2018
    2. powow66
      Just uploaded the video on my lip install!
      powow66, Jul 27, 2018
  7. powow66
    Garage Update #3:

    July 2018:

    Got a new carbon fiber lip. Long story short, I tracked down this lip originally from Instagram, and found that a company called Add Zest Car Color made them. The company is located in Thailand, but since my father was already there visiting family and friends, he was able to contact the company and 3 weeks later he brought it back with him (he packaged the lip himself and customs allows him to include it as a second checked bag at no additional charge!). Here's a link to the shop on FaceBook to contact them:

    I paid $265 for it, but if you want it shipped internationally its gonna double the price-tag unfortunately. Overall finish of the lip I'd give it a 8/10. The carbon fiber looks great, but the thickness of the material is concerning (could have used some more fiberglass in some areas), and I found a few small pieces of debris in the resin. Black panels have cheap primer coating on them so that'll be noted of if/when I choose to color match it lunar silver to the car. Installation was a little bit of a hassle since there was no hardware for it nor did it have any pre-drilled holes, so everything had to be mocked up, drilled, and fastened with either nuts/bolts or plastic push clips. Despite this, I really like the look of the front lip on my Si to give it more of a unique look here in the U.S.
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  8. lurker_j
    I would love to actually see a 19 x 18.5 wheel lol.
    Do you notice any changes in acceleration with the bigger diameter?
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    1. powow66
      whoops! apologies for typo :D
      powow66, Jul 18, 2018
    2. powow66
      as for the wheels themselves, the weight difference was noticeable with acceleration (aluminum material was lighter despite the diameter increase). The car feels more planted too!
      powow66, Jul 19, 2018
  9. powow66
    Garage Update #2:

    June 2018:

    Installed LED headlight, foglight, interior, and trunk light bulbs from -

    Purchased a set of VMR v721 wheels + continental summer tires for the car. In addition to that I also got mud guards from Amazon and a small nose panel cover.

    Test fitting the wheels-

    Installing mudguards and the nose panel cover-
  10. powow66
    Garage Update #1:

    Below are the first mods to my 2017 Honda Civic Si with parts from Acuity Instruments ( in order of install from Dec 2017-April 2018):

    Acuity Short Shifter Adapter, Centering Spring, Base Bushings

    Acuity Pedal Spacer

    Acuity Shifter Cable Bushings

    Acuity Shifter Rocker Arm

    Acuity Shift Boot Collar (for aftermarket shift knobs)