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  • 2016 Coupe Touring Modern Steel

    Dealer Installed Options:
    + Wing Spoiler
    + Door Edge Guards
    + Cargo Hook
    + Cargo Net
    + Console Illumination
    + Interior Illumination
  • 4014 102Completed:
    Day 0: Debadged
    Day 1: LED fog lamps (H8-35W X-tremeVision LED Fog)
    Day 2: Custom Covercraft car sun shade (silver)
    Day 3: Driver's and passenger's side Drop Stops
    Day 5: ExLED 5000k LED replacements (Map x2, Dome, & Trunk)
    Day 6: Red Silicone Key Fob Cover
    Day 7: OEM all weather floor mats and trunk tray
    Day 9: Photodon screen protector (MXO - Clear)
    Day 10: JDM ASTAR rear turn signal LEDs (14 Amber 3030 SMDs)
    Day 11: LUYED reverse LEDs (54 3014 SMDs)
    Day 12: Removed roadside assitance sticker
    Day 12: Rear bumper applique
    Day 14: Swapped front floor mats with WeatherTech FloorLiners
    Day 16: JDM ASTAR brake light LEDs (14 White 3030 SMDs)
    Day 17: Clear side markers with Sylvania 194A LEDs
    Day 17: Swapped fog lamps with LUYED LEDs (102 4014 SMDs)
  1. MGaraguso082
    Can you please link me to the reverse led bulb you bought? Or give me the bulb number?! Thanks!
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