MarshX's Civic X

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    Civic EX-T
    Lunar Silver Metallic
    1.5 Turbo
    -Window Tint (35%) + Various Decals
    -Wrapped Rear & Steering Wheel Honda Emblems
    -GRFXP Fog Light Overlays (ice blue)
    -OPT-7 Flux Beam X v.2 LEDs 6000k (low beams)
    -OPT-7 Ultra Glow LEDs (fog lights)
    -TypeR LEDs (front turn signals)
    -DEPO Smoked Side Markers
    -Lasfit Amber LEDs (side markers)
    -Happy Endings License Plate Frame
    -Runner International[RNNR] license plate holder
    -Ikon Motorsports Mugen V2 Window Visors
    -Ikon Motorsports Rear Louvers (quarter panels)
    -Kooltint Chrome Trim Blackout Overlay
    -License Plate Screws (.44 rounds)
    -Aftermarket Diffuser (eBay)
    -PRO Design Honeycomb Grille
    -ACANII Aftermarket LED (Amazon)
    Sequential Tail Lights (full LED)
    -Faux Carbon Fiber 3 Piece Front Lip (Amazon)
    -Philips Bright White Interior Vision LEDs (map + ceiling lights)
    -TypeR LEDs (trunk)
    -SI Steering Wheel
    -Broadway 270mm Convex Mirror
    -NRG Aluminum Sport Pedals
    -Custom Door Sills
    -GRFXP Stickers
    -Happy Endings Tsurikawa Ring
    -Mishimoto Shift Knob/Speed Dawg Shift Adapter
    -Clec Magnetic Phone Holder/Mount
    -OPT-7 Aura Pro LED Interior Lighting Kit
    -Hella Horns (only Low is wired)
    -Boomba Battery Tie Down (premium)
    -Boomba Oil Cap
    -27Won Cold Air Intake
    -27Won Rear Motor Mount
    -Custom quad tip 3” exhaust (both mufflers deleted; stock resonator
    -PRL Catless Downpipe V.1
    -KTuner V1.2 (Stage 2)
    -Honda Hack
    -Aluminum Tire Valve Caps
    -Stock 17” Firestone Tires
    -Stock 17” Rims
    -Sirimoto Phase 2 Strut Bar
    -Garmin Dash Cam Mini
    -Prosport Boost Gauge (electrical)
    Every modification will be listed. (I’m not selfish)
    Questions are always welcome.

    Soon to come: Detailed list of all mods and how much money I’ve spent on them. 0_0
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  1. RallyeeRedAZ
    That's a strange looking Honda...
    1. MarshX
      Hey, at least it’s got a roar...
      MarshX, Nov 21, 2017
  2. lurker_j
    AHH you did the louvers! Any pics of it on the car? I just ordered for the rear window, so I'm curious if I should do the quarter windows as well
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    2. lurker_j
      The rears definitely look better with a spoiler back there to supplement it. I like how yours still flow with the car on the sides.
      lurker_j, Jun 22, 2018
    3. MarshX
      I didn’t really expect to like them but after seeing them on your ride, I kinda want them for sure now. Maybe the ones on the sides look like they flow because of the window visors, idk. But having the whole set + a good looking spoiler would definitely be great looking. Maybe also wrapping the roof to compliment would be nice too.
      MarshX, Jun 22, 2018
    4. lurker_j
      I agree, you kinda have to have the other accents on the car to make all the different louvers flow. I was thinking black roof too after I saw it
      lurker_j, Jun 23, 2018
  3. kccy
    Nice Pedals :)
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  4. olesaintnik
    Awesome Civic! That rear diffuser/exhaust combo looks great! That gray Honda emblem really ties in well with it too! I'd love to see a picture of the front grille too!
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    2. MarshX
      The first front pic is 2yrs old
      MarshX, Oct 11, 2019
    3. olesaintnik
      How are you liking the Pro Design honeycomb grill? Is the fit and finish high quality? I'm considering getting it, but have heard some people have had fit and finish issues...
      olesaintnik, Nov 25, 2019
    4. MarshX
      I really like how it looks. I wouldn’t say it’s high quality but it’s definitely not trash. But yes I have had fitment issues, mainly with the top of the grill-closest to the hood. It doesn’t line up properly but that’s due to the interior of the grill itself. I’m sure there’s a way to fix this, probably with super glue, but I simply haven’t gotten around to it as it’s not really noticeable from afar. But for the price of the grill, it’s worth it & definitely an upgrade in terms of appearance!
      MarshX, Nov 25, 2019
  5. JJ707
    Great diffuser and exhaust combo. Cool looking tail lights? Could you post a video of the functions and day/night shots?
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    1. MarshX
      MarshX, Dec 27, 2019