Fred's Modern Steel Metallic 6MT LX

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  • 2016 Honda Civic LX, Modern Steel Metallic exterior, Gray interior
  • 18x8 Enkei Tuning Raijin Gunmetal
    215/45R18 Sumitomo HTR A/S P02
    Side moldings
    Door window visors
    Mud guards
    Rear bumper applique
    Tinted windows 20% rear, 35% front
    Amp & subwoofer
    Audio Control LC2i

    Upcoming projects:
    Pedal covers
  1. Torino_85
    The color just stands out!
  2. vko
    Where did you get your window visor ?
    1. FKD6MTLX Much cheaper than getting it from my local Honda dealer.
      FKD6MTLX, Oct 22, 2016
  3. flipracer69!
    Is that an amp on top?
    1. FKD6MTLX
      Yes it is, mounted upside-down on nylon spacers to eliminate metal-to-metal contact.
      FKD6MTLX, Apr 13, 2016
  4. MistyGoodpuppy
    Nice Wheels!!
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  5. Syonide
    What is the dock you have your phone in?
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    2. DudeWheresMyCar
      I see. So you removed the picture with the dock?
      DudeWheresMyCar, May 8, 2016
    3. FKD6MTLX
      Yeah, it's gone unfortunately. It worked well when I had it though.
      FKD6MTLX, May 8, 2016
    4. DudeWheresMyCar
      Cool! I'll have to get that then! Thanks
      DudeWheresMyCar, May 11, 2016
  6. Buccal_Up
    are these 18x8? the tires are 215 width? looking at 18x7.5 and i wonder how 225s would look
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    1. FKD6MTLX
      Yes, they are 18x8 with a 45 offset and the tires are 215/45R18. They sit about half an inch in from being flush with the fenders. For 18x7.5, try to get them with a 30-38 offset for a flush look. My tires are slightly stretched, as they are on the narrow end of sizes that fit on an 8 inch wide rim. 225s would look just about perfect on 7.5 inch rims.
      FKD6MTLX, Feb 23, 2016
  7. Sushimaster
    Gotcha, i just got it today and a quick wash and its shiny like yours, extremly happy with how beautiful it looked, cheer man!
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  8. MuGeN PoWeR
    nice rims. can you please post the link for them? Thanks!
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    1. FKD6MTLX
      Thanks, I bought them thru Enkei Tuning Raijin is the model.
      FKD6MTLX, Feb 19, 2016
  9. Sushimaster
    How come your car look so shiny, did you wax it or something? Look amazing
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    1. Sushimaster
      Plz answer, getting this car tomorrow, would love to make it shiny. Thank in advance.
      Sushimaster, Feb 17, 2016
    2. FKD6MTLX
      Thanks! I wish I could take credit but honestly I haven't waxed it yet, although I did wash it for the first time on Sunday. I guess I just got lucky with the lighting and the reflections, and I'm far from being a professional photographer lol!
      FKD6MTLX, Feb 18, 2016
  10. Hondadude88
    Nice looking civic man! Clean look.
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