fanoflive's 2017 Honda Civic Coupe EX-T 6MT

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    Civic Coupe EX-T
    Crystal Black Pearl
    All Season Weather Mats, Splash Guards, OEM Spoiler, Cargo Net
    Chrome Door handles
    Chrome Fog Light Trim
    Chrome Lower Front Bumper Trim
    Smoke Side Markers
    OEM inspired Turbo Decals
    Gutter Guard Intercooler Protection.
    Stainless Steel Civic Door Sills
    IKONMOTORSPORTS GT Style Front Lip Decal
    Engine Bay wheel well covers
    NRG Fender Washer Kit
    DDM Tuning 6000K HID headlights
    JDM Cree LED turn signals
    Blue Carbon Fiber Interior Wrap
    Blue Aluminum Control Knob
    Blue Mugen Ignition Ring
    Dull Silver Dash Defrost Trim
    Blue LEDGLOW Footwell lights
    LED Upgrade Dome and Map lights
    35% Max Pro Tint all around
    OEM Civic Trunk Liner
    OEM Leather Steering Wheel
    OEM Leather gear shifter
    TypeR shifter assembly
    Acuity base bushings
    Acuity Centering spring
    Ktuner V2
    AF Dynamic Cold Air Intake
    Acuity linkage bushings
    Amsoil Synchromesh Manual Transmission fluid
    17" Konig Crosshairs for Winter Rims
    Si rear rear sway bar
    Ultra Racing Strut Bar
    Apeman C550 Dash Cam with rear camera
    Fortin Evo One remote starter
    My first brand new car, picked it up with 6 miles on the odometer!!! As of 4/1/19 I now have 50,000 on my odometer.
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  1. jritt
    did you install a new push start button? where did you get it?
    1. Fanoflive
      It's the same push start button, it just has a Mugen Ignition ring. I got mine from Aliexpress, check it out here:
      Fanoflive, Nov 20, 2017
  2. gabe1594
    Do you have a link to those door sills from Ebay?
    1. Fanoflive
      Here ya go.
      Fanoflive, Oct 12, 2017
    2. gabe1594
      Thank you!
      gabe1594, Oct 19, 2017
  3. DrToothache
    Looks great man! I am waiting on the dealership to get my spoiler kit in stock and then I will be slapping that on my black coupe. How did you get a port on the rear bumper for the exhaust tip? Did you cut those yourself? I bought a similar exhaust tip but would like to make a "port" around it instead of it just sticking out from under the bumper. Also, any plans on tint?
    1. Fanoflive
      I did not port the tips, it is just sticking out from under the bumper. They are tightened up against the bumper thou.

      I did get the tint done. Apparently I haven't posted any pictures of it since then, I will have to correct that. I've got 35% tint.
      Fanoflive, Sep 30, 2017
  4. AZCivicX
    What kind of exhaust tips are those? Looks nice!
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    1. Fanoflive
      I purchased them from ebay. I dont see anymore from the auction that I purchased from, but similar to these
      Fanoflive, Sep 22, 2017
    2. AZCivicX
      Awesome, thanks!
      AZCivicX, Sep 25, 2017
  5. KKrewCivic
    You should black out the chrome eyebrow.
  6. Couper
    Looks great! Black always looks awesome after a fresh wash. Where did you get your door sills? Also, did you install the spoiler after purchase (one pic has it and one doesn't)? Was wondering the cost if you don't mind? I'm in St. Louis and thinking of getting the spoiler (OWP Coupe).
    1. Fanoflive
      Door sills were on ebay. The spoiler was installed by dealership a week after purchase, due to being out of stock. I don't recall what it cost, included in vehicle purchase.
      Fanoflive, Jun 10, 2017
  7. mkimmey1
    Nice to see a fellow Illinois resident on here!! I really like your shift knob btw. Nice car and congrats!
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    1. Fanoflive
      I agree, doesn't seem like there are any from Illinois. Thank you.
      Fanoflive, Jun 10, 2017
  8. Fanoflive
    Just Received my NEW Civic. I had to chase this thing down, but BOY was I lucky. I was lucky enough that I called the dealer on Wednesday, had it located and delivered to me on Saturday!!!!! WOW, I LOVE DRIVING THIS CAR!!!!!!! Crystal Black Pearl with Black and Grey Interior.