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  • 2016 Honda Civic Touring in Aegean Blue
  • Turbo Decals / LED Fog Lights / Chrome Fog Light Trim / Chrome Rear Reflector Trim / Blue Honda Valve Stem Caps / Blue Interior Striping / Trunk Mat / Cargo Net / All Weather Floor Mats / Clear Side Markers / Switch Trim / 30% Window Tint / Wheel Locks / CivicX Decals / Painted Splash Guards / Cargo Hooks / Exhaust Tips / Center Console Lighting
  • OEM HomeLink installed
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  1. flabbergeister
    I really like the blue trim! Does it stay in place or does it tend to pop off after a while?
  2. Lufelham
    were did you get the exhaust tips?
  3. Hondadude88
    Where did you get your "civicX.com" sticker with the blue X? Also, where did you get painted mud flaps? Custom?
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    2. Hondadude88
      Oh ok. Thought it would be kinda hard to match dip to factory paint lol. How much $ for your dealer to mix it up?
      Hondadude88, Jul 23, 2016
    3. elvisfan48640
      elvisfan48640, Jul 23, 2016
    4. Hondadude88
      Gotcha. Thanks for the info.
      Hondadude88, Jul 26, 2016
  4. froggydogg
    I agree that the blue accent on the interior looks great. Nice added touch!
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  5. Hondadude88
    :love: the blue trim on the inside. Where did you get that at and was it hard to install?
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    2. Hondadude88
      Oh really. Looked more difficult. Might be in the works.
      Hondadude88, Jun 25, 2016
    3. Javex
      I like the trim. My car is white... I dunno which color would work. Do you have a link to the item? Thanks!
      Javex, Jul 22, 2016
    4. elvisfan48640
      here's the link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/182122793973
      the seller has multiple colors available
      elvisfan48640, Jul 25, 2016