Dave's Touch of Grey Hatch

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  • 2017 civic hatchback ex
    Sonic Grey
  • Black side molding
    side window visors
    Moon roof visor
    Rubber bumper Procter .
    Splash guards.
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  1. ockc
    did you diy the splash guards?
  2. Bmorecivic
    Nice color. Here's mine
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    1. Sporty Dream Car
      That's my second favorite color. Beautiful car! I still can't get over with what Honda did to the Civic. The design is so cool and sophisticated!
      Sporty Dream Car, Jan 15, 2017
  3. baleskyr
    Love it! of course I'm biased as it is the same color hatch as mine haha.

    I have the stock side guards also, did you wrap/dip them?
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    1. Hatchback207
      No I ordered the black Crystal pearl side molding, going to also order the tailgate spoiler in Crystal black pearl . Then I'll be done .
      Hatchback207, Jan 11, 2017
  4. Sporty Dream Car
    Beautiful color! I haven't seen it around Orlando yet. Very cool accessories. Congrats!
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    1. Hatchback207
      Thanks fellow Floridian
      Hatchback207, Jan 8, 2017