Cosmic Charlie

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  • 2016 Civic sedan CVT LX Cosmic Blue
  • Wheel covers from PepBoys.
    Deep rubber winter Floor mats

    and chromed trim covers added to;
    Trunk lid
    rear corners on the black detail
    door handles.
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  1. Mur man
    This August, it's time to trade in the lease and get a 2019 LX, but the price has gone up and the competition is offering much more car for the same value. $235/mos. is already too much for my modest income. I Need to compare now, buy used or consider buying this one. Hmmm, the lease end value is almost 14500, and I'll have 32K in a few weeks. hmmm....
  2. Mur man
    I added the chrome accents on the handles, the band above the license plate and the lower rear corner style trim.
  3. Ben&Jen
    :bow: Cosmic Blue...
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