Carabao's on the Run

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  • Model: Civic HB Sport Touring
    Year: 2017
    Color: Crystal Black Pearl
    18-Inch Accessory Alloy Wheels (RED Stripe)
  • OEM Door Sill Trim - Illuminated (RED)
    OEM Interior Illumination (RED)
    Windows Tint:
    - Front: 50%
    - Back: 35%
    - Rear: 20%
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  1. basilpesto
    That illuminated door sill trim is fantastic.
  2. TurboBlow
    Rims look really sleek with the black car!
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  3. distinktif
    I love those rims man, they're sick.
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  4. Browncoat3000
    Love those new wheels.
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  5. mjyumping
    I like the name! :thumbsup:
    1. Carabao
      Carabao, May 20, 2017
  6. BarracksSi
    I've been wondering how those wheels looked in real life. Pretty nice. :thumbsup:
    1. Carabao
      Thanks! I'll try to have a video of these wheels in action with a drone! ;)
      Carabao, May 19, 2017
  7. Priceless_Civic
    I almost bought the exact same car! Looks great with those wheels too!!!
    1. Carabao
      Thanks! These mags are nice match with the Crystal Black! Next step, red powder coat on calipers, smoked LED side markers and more to come!
      Carabao, May 19, 2017