Broke College kid's Rice Rocket

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    Civic Sport
    Polished Metal Metallic
    L15BA 1.5T
    OEM Window visors
    Faux CF Door handles
    20% (rear) and 30% (front) Window tints
    Smoked Side Markers (w LED Blub)
    OPT7 H11 Fluxbeam 6000k LED Bulb
    SiriusLED H8 6000k Foglights
    6000k LED reverse lights
    Hydraulic Hood Dampers
    Intercooler Grill Delete
    Ebay Wing Riser
    Gloss black roof wing wrap
    Gloss black roof wrap
    Gloss black tail light covers
    Premium Auto Styling taillight tint
    5% Sunstrip Tint
    Faux CF Door sill scuff wrap
    Faux CF Sideview mirror wrap
    Custom Front license plate relocation
    Custom Vanity license plate
    CTR Rear Diffuser
    Honeycomb Performance Mesh Grill
    Rain-X Latitude windshield wipers (Best purchase ever)
    iKon Motorsports PU lip

    -Old parts
    Kensun 6000k HiD's
    Yellow Fog light tints
    Mugen style Window visors
    Aeroflow Dynamics V2 Front Splitter
    Broadway 300mm type-A Flat Mirror
    KTuner cubby relocation
    J'S racing steering wheel badge
    Spoon MBC Sock
    Ktuner V2
    VipViper Custom tune (~25psi)
    PRL 3" Catless Downpipe
    TurboXS Aluminum Oil Cap
    Greddy Supreme SP Exhaust
    Injen Front mount intercooler
    Mishimoto Oil Catch Can
    Mishimoto Short Ram Intake

    -Old parts
    Hondata Flashpro
    Ktuner v2
    Vitviper Custom tune (~25psi tune)
    Enkei GTC01 (18x8 48offset) [Metallic bronze]
    GarageLine 20mm Spacers
    (essentially -28 offset)
    Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ (245/40/r18)

    Stock wheels wrapped w
    Continental Procontact TX (225/40/r18)

    -Old parts
    Michelin Pilot Super Sports (225/40/r18)
    D2 RS Coilovers
    SPC Rear Camber Arms
    Whiteline Front adjustable end-links
    Whiteline 22mm Rear Sway Bar
    Hasport 70a Rear motor mount
    Civic Type R Rear Subframe Brace
    Cusco Front Strut Bar
    Xiaomi Yi Dashcam
    Pheonix Android 9" Headunit
    Full 6000K LED interior bulb conversion

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  1. Tylers_fk7
    How's all the tuning hold up with your CVT? I have a 2019 Sport Touring Hatchback with a CVT that I just bought & I want to throw a tune & make some modifications to it.
    1. Beta9222
      I need to get a retune but the car is holding up great, its definitely worth it to get some bolt-ons and tune the car
      Beta9222, Jun 17, 2019 at 5:44 PM
    Love what you did with your car! Hope to see this thing out at some east coast events this summer.
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  3. Raiden
    Really clean hatch bro. I just got mine and saw that you did a plate relocation. Did you get a new front bumper? Didn’t notice any drill holes.
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    1. Beta9222
      nah it's the stock front bumper. I used a couple bolts and alot of washers with a autozone plate holder lol
      Beta9222, May 9, 2019
  4. HatchHTX
    Are you running your LED headlights right now? If so how do you like them compared to your HID? Overall I like the car and color ;) Also how is your HU?
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  5. kccy
    Love it :thumbsup: very cool
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  6. BlackCoupe
    Nice build man! I'm in college as well I feel ur struggles for more car parts ahah! Looking forward to seeing more!
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  7. FC2Sid
    Did you use the " cut to length" whiteline end links? Did the end links actually need to be cut ?
    1. Beta9222
      Nah I bought some from procivic and it fit correctly no cutting needed
      Beta9222, Mar 1, 2018
  8. Oogalee
    More like rich college kid's nice civic
      ryry thanked this.
    1. Beta9222
      I work 35+ hours a week and still attend class soooo, ty tho
      Beta9222, Mar 1, 2018
  9. OneJMan
    was it personal preference to take off the sun visors?
    1. Beta9222
      Nah one of them flew off when I was driving and I just never came to buying another set lmao
      Beta9222, Feb 6, 2018
  10. moistener
    Beautiful ride and setup. May I ask what damper settings do you have the rear set at? (how many clicks from soft). How's the ride quality?
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    1. Beta9222
      Uhhh I think I set my rears to 7 clicks soft->stiff. I havent adjusted them since I installed them. The ride quality is great but theres a shit ton of potholes where I live so its pretty rough
      Beta9222, Oct 20, 2017
    2. Beta9222
      And my front two struts are like soft->stiff 28 clicks
      Beta9222, Oct 20, 2017
    3. moistener
      Thanks for the reply. Really appreciate it!
      moistener, Oct 20, 2017