black out project

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  1. CivicLX2016
    Love it...amber sidemarker gives it good contrast...but if you wanted to continue the black out theme, you could go with smoked sidemarkers...personally I added the clear ones

    Also, unless you've done it already...there's a site that sells a smoked headlight lens overlay.
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    2. CivicLX2016
      See below pick the color you want.. I did a ruby red overlay on my tails.

      Headlight overlays:

      Tail light overlays:

      Fog light overlays:
      CivicLX2016, Feb 21, 2017
    3. CivicLX2016
      For the sidemarkers...I bought smoked overlays on eBay, but now there's a seller for actual smoked overlay lens (the full plastic piece that you replace)...check ebay
      CivicLX2016, Feb 21, 2017
    4. abbierademacherr
      Awesome! Thank you so much for your help! I will for sure check out eBay, I've seen a lot of parts on there and for not to bad of a price.
      abbierademacherr, Feb 21, 2017