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    Hatchback Sport
    Canadian Spec Sport
    ► iJDM Clear Side Markers
    ► 3M 1080 Gloss Black Hood, Roof, Spoiler and Emblem.
    ► Yellow Fog Light Tint
    ► 1/4" Red Pinstripe From Canadian Tire
    ► Plastidip Rear "Civic" & "Sport" Emblem -> Now Debadged
    ► RallyArmor Universal Splash Guards
    ► 3M 1080 Dragon Fire Red Gloss Vinyl H Emblem
    ► Morimoto 35w 5500k H11 HID kit from
    Get 10% off with the code CIVICX. Canadian company and good pricing next day shipping!
    ► WeatherTech Floor Mats Set
    ► LED Multicoloured (Red) Interior Lighting
    ► Scosche Magicmount
    ► JDM Red H Steering Wheel Emblem
    ► Vent Trims Wrapped in Dragon Fire Red 3M 1080 Vinyl - Now Removed
    ► 3M 1080 Dragon Fire Red Gloss Vinyl Trim (done myself)
    ► Skunk2 Shift Knob w/ Custom set screw for adjustment
    ► Piano black Dashboard Gear Side Cover Trim
    ► A/C Knob Control Ring Cover Red
    ► Carbon Fiber Air Vent Outlet Cover Trim
    ► Boomba Racing Short Shift Transmission Adapter Plate
    ► Injen SRI Intake - Bought from Canadian dealer
    ► Custom Axle Back 2.5" Muffler Delete
    Had all links for all items but the site updated and took away this feature. Feel free to message for details on anything.
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  1. ceejmaster
    Hi! Do you have a link for the red interior dash trim? Looks awesome.
    1. Aiirik
      In my cosmetic tab , click on them there and I have it set to redirect exactly where I bought them! Although the they didn't come red, I had to wrap them . You could also paint them which would probably be easier
      Aiirik, May 9, 2017
  2. BarracksSi
    No problems mounting the splash guards?
    1. Aiirik
      No it was fairly easy. The rear was more of a problem since ou have a drill a hole in the liner . So it took me a while to make a template out of cardboard .. But easy enough!
      Aiirik, Apr 20, 2017
    2. BarracksSi
      Cool, thanks. We'll see how the first winter goes in mine.
      BarracksSi, Apr 20, 2017
  3. iDennyBoy
    Hey ! I see you are a fellow Ontario driver :) I was wondering where you got your roof and hood wrapped, and how much was it?! Thanks :D I'm planning to wrap the roof of my LX Hatchback as well. Not sure about the hood though yet.
    1. Aiirik
      Got it done in Ottawa. I see you're in TO, i'm sure there's places there who wrap. all in all, it cost me $390 to get everything done. (roof,hood,spoiler & did my rear emblem super quick with a spare piece no charge) so lets say around $200 for the roof & spoiler. and the spoiler probably took just as much time to wrap as everything else aha.
      Aiirik, Mar 29, 2017
    2. iDennyBoy
      Sweet! I got quoted for 200 for the roof + spoiler as well. But might just do the roof and leave the spoiler out :) I'm also planning on doing the door handles too. Thanks for letting me know =p
      iDennyBoy, Mar 29, 2017