2018 Dodge Charger Daytona 392

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    Knuckle White
    V8 Hemi 6.4L
    Automatic, 8-Spd w/AutoStick
    LED interior
    Pirelli Tires
    6 piston Brembo’s - front
    4 piston Brembo’s - back
  1. RallyeRed
    "Civic Sedan"
  2. Royalz_2o9
    i eat ass too :)
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  3. brandos_si
    How do you like the Seibon Type R wing? Thinking about getting the same wing for my si coupe.
  4. hunterlin0314
    where did you get the exhuast and rear lip?
  5. AssaultKeyHD
    is the car lowered?
    1. johnnytavani
      Yes on Eibach Sportlines
      johnnytavani, Feb 2, 2018
  6. AssaultKeyHD
    Best and cleanest civic so far.
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  7. meow
    Looking nice!
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  8. Kratos.Hatchback
    Nice Ride!!! My inspiration!! What fog lights did yo use man? LED? What brand?
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  9. Joven Rey
    I have a Si sedan and want to put the Type R wing on. How difficult was it to install?
    1. Carleton
      I have the same wing, it's actually difficult to install because there's no access holes once you take off the liner on the trunk lid. It might be different on the SI sedan though.
      Carleton, Oct 31, 2017
    2. kenan.eryilmaz
      I really like this wing but some questions. Do you have any installation photo? Because I must do it my self. And When you go fast, did Wing any reaction on your back or your speed ?
      kenan.eryilmaz, Nov 24, 2017
    3. Carleton
      I do have photos actually, but basically you have to make access holes yourself after taking off the liner in order to get to the holes you drilled on the trunk. The wing does come with some installation material to make sure you drill into the right spot though. Just make sure you think it through before starting though.
      Carleton, Nov 25, 2017
  10. Zerostatic
    One of the dopest cars on this site. I love that rear wing!
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