2016 Honda Civic EXT

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  • 2016 Honda Civic EXT
    Crystal Black Pearl
    Black Interior
  • Plasti-dipped front grill and side chrome
    5000K HID Projector-Beam Headlights
    LED Footwell Lights
  • Ingen Short Ram Intake
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  1. Monsur313
    I was considering plasti dip but i didnt know how the color would turn out on a chrome grill. did you do it yourself? or a shop did it for you?
  2. Monsur313
    Did you paint the grill or plati dipped it? it looks sicK i wanted to do that to my car.
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    1. lucashend
      It is plasti-dipped matte black
      lucashend, Apr 13, 2016
  3. willymtz
    What HID Kit did you buy? Any issues so far? Could you post a link? Thanks.

    Looks awesome by the way!
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    1. lucashend
      Kensun 5000K HID Kit on Amazon
      lucashend, Apr 12, 2016