2016 Civic Touring - White

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  1. Hir0shi22
    Awesome Audi A3 bro, Nevermind the haters because haters gonna hate, lol. I'm waiting until I graduate in about 2 years and going for the RS3. Is the Civic your daily driver?
    ....How much did the dealer charge for installation of the rear splash guards on your Civic Touring '16 (as they're an add-on accessory, right?)?
  3. WhatTheFun
    hey now... they are both mine.
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    1. hondo
      While the Civic is Stormtrooper armor. It may not hit every mark, but damn it's fun.
      hondo, Dec 14, 2015
  4. hondo
    Damn, the Audi just looks plain and boring next to the Civic.
    1. iqflash
      Yeah, I thought so the same !
      iqflash, Jan 7, 2016
    2. Hir0shi22
      Typical umb a s s comment. Smh.
      See this is what makes Honda fans like me disassociate ourselves from the hater jdm fans that cause us embarrassment.
      The civic looks like wannabe fast/race car, with all the faux air vents and black color keyed Race Inspired Custom Effects (RICE) and it's about as exciting to drive as Corolla. That Audi is dope a f. even though it looks more reserved it's far more of blast to drive than a Civic. Haha.
      Hir0shi22, Jul 17, 2017
  5. iqflash
    More stylish than the Audi,,, Yeah !
  6. iqflash
    Not bad,,, Not badddd !!!!
  7. iqflash
    Standing beside Audi, giving it a tough time... :p
    1. Hir0shi22
      Lol you wish.....
      Hir0shi22, Jul 17, 2017