'17 EX-L Hatchback

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  • 2017 Civic Hatchback - EX-L Navi w/o sensing - Crystal Black Pearl

    Work in progress! 2-weeks old.

    5% Tints all around, with front strip
    Plasti dipped Emblems

    Smoke Side Markers
    All-weather mats
    Bumper applique
    LED-interior conversion
    Injen SRI

    Deciding on 19 or 20" black rims, thoughts or suggestions?
  1. tdelucca82
    Are you going to dip the trim on the sides?
  2. j3rs3y_3
    for me, 20"s is too much. Unless its a type-r which is designed to have a suspension comfort for 20" 245/30R20. But for a Hatchback, il prefer 19"s atleast you can still hold that riding comfort, plus if your planning to lowered it, you can still have a better riding comfort than getting 20"s where they only prefer 235 or 245 /30 tires (recommended).
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  3. BLK Hatch
    The Sport 18's looks so much better on the Blk Hatch. I like the black out front emblem.
    1. surge83
      I agree, I wanted the sport but chose the amenities the EXL brought (navi, moonroof, leather, etc) and I didnt want to drop 30k for a sport touring :/

      I want 19" black rims, looking for some good ones...
      surge83, May 16, 2017
  4. DrewCivicX6MT
    nice. definitely replace the factory side markers with smoky or black ones, would look super good
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    1. surge83
      Thanks man! Ive been looking for smoke ones and havent found anything, gave up and bought the clear ones. i might tint it or plastidip it. Also need to fix the chrome window trim, i hate it!
      surge83, May 12, 2017
    2. mikemcmillon
      I blacked out the side markers with niteshade spray tint, & had the chrome wrapped in black =)
      mikemcmillon, May 16, 2017
    3. cypress
      I would stick with the clear side markers since some members have been having leaking issues with the smoked ones. Lemme know how the plasti dip works out for you. I been seriously considering plasti dipping the rear emblem and maybe even the front grill. Never done one before lol.
      cypress, May 23, 2017