Raw Brokerage Introduction - Performance parts and more!

Raw Brokerage

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Oct 18, 2017
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Orlando, FL
2017 Honda Civic Type R
Hey everyone,

Ricky from Raw Brokerage here, wanted to introduce our shop since we’re usually heavily involved in the Nissan and Toyota communities. A bit about us, we’re a performance parts and service company based in Orlando, FL. Although we’re best known for our Nissan RB (RB26, RB30, RB25, etc) Skyline engine builds and our various shop builds, we have plenty of first hand experience with our Honda applications. We’ve decided to direct some focus on the new Civic Type-R platform for future product development. Thus we picked up two cars to provide the best back to back testing on the various components we’ll be offering.


We sell parts from over 500 manufacturers which we strive not only to have the best pricing but to provide our clients consistent service with fast shipping times, part availability and most of all first hand knowledge.



We look forward to working with you guys! Let us know if you need anything and we’ll be glad to get it quoted for you.