Question on Mishimoto Performance Intercooler install


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Oct 4, 2018
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Today my mechanic was supposed to install a Mishimoto Performance Intercooler, but he did not get the chance due to a backlog in his shop, so the install is pushed to next week. That is probably a good thing because I was watching the install video, and it shows 2 x silver adapters (hot side and cold side adapters), which are not included with the kit I have. In the video he puts the O ring in the adapters, but they are never shown being installed. Looking at the Mishimoto description of the kit I have it states "compatible with stock piping". I see the adapters on the parts sheet, but they are not to be found anywhere in the box. This was a brand new sealed kit, the box was factory sealed and everything inside was sealed as it should be.

I am a little confused because the install video shows the two silver adapters, but they are never shown being installed or shown again. When he connects the stock piping to the intercooler, it connects directly to the Blue cool side and the Red hot side that are already bolted on the intercooler and I don't see the silver adapters at all. So I guess my question is, were the hot and cold side silver adapters supposed to come with the intercooler? And will these be needed to connect the intercooler to the stock piping? If so I will need to contact Mishimoto support to have them sent to me
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